Going That sounds weird, right? This sounds strange to

Going back to the basics of the construction of marriage,
the two main components of marriage being love and choice, right? In American
culture, the thought of not choosing your life partner does not come to mind
because choice is a given. Unless for
some extraordinary reason we generally marry the person of our choosing because
we love them regardless of wealth, political affiliations or family ties and
the marriage is a consensual decision between the bride and groom. We don’t
give this topic a second thought as dating for several years first and taking
the next step into marriage is our standard and comes naturally. But who
standardized that? This is another point of social construction via culture in
our marriages all the way down to the detail of who we “choose” to spend our
lives with. Today arranged marriage is still widely practiced in many cultures.

In fact, the countries with the lowest divorce rates are also some of the countries
that still practice arranged marriages; such as many cultures that practice
Hinduism and cultures in the Middle East. In Hinduism marriage is thought of as
a duty, not a choice of love. Marriages in these cultures are arranged by the
parents of the children for a variety of reasons being wealth and social
class*. That sounds weird, right? This sounds strange to those of us from
western culture because there is no presence of arranged marriage in our
society. To someone of a cultural background that has been practicing these
standards of marital unions this would be completely normal. Whereas a woman
from America may dream of when she will
find her future husband a woman from a Hindu culture may be hoping she
likes the man she will marry. 

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