GM to spray pesticides on plants, GM foods also

GM is also known as genetically modified food or organisms that happens when the genetic material DNA is altered that does not occur naturally, mating, or even natural recombination this is called genetic engineering. Genetic engineering of plant and animal is a tool that is used for different of purposes. Most GM crops are resistant to herbicides, assist plants/crops to survive extreme weather, and foods have more nutrition. GM foods are on the market that can cause no more of a health risk than regular foods. Others argue that GM crops can lead to things like the increased use of chemical herbicides, GMOs are owned and patented by large companies/organizations. This led to arguments over whether GMOs should be labeled or tightly regulated. GM foods have greater residence and require fewer pesticides, tolerance to herbicidestolerance for heat, cold, and drought crop yield. GM food could reduce greenhouse emissions as well as less tillage or plowing, and less use of fossil fuels. GM foods have more nutrients to fight hunger around the world. It decreases the costs for consumers and raises income for farmers in developed nations. Increase desirable components such as nutrients. Some GM foods are engineered to have higher levels of nutrients, such as higher protein, higher calcium, higher fiber, and etc. GM foods helps people get the nutrients they need, and it also plays a important role in fighting against malnutrition in third-world countries. And also decreasing the need to spray pesticides on plants, GM foods also cut farmers’ fuel emissions, and help to fight global warming. GM foods can be modified to contain fewer calories and higher nutrition, and plants are better resistant to weeds, pest, and diseases. GM foods will last longer so it is easier to ship to another country. If GM food increases there would be fewer chemicals, time and tools, and could help to decrease environmental pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and soil erosion. GM foods are modified to make crops more resistant to insects and other pests, and the number of pesticide chemicals used on the plants is reduced, so their exposure to dangerous pesticides is also reduced.GM foods can increase farming efficiency, to increase resistance to crop diseases, growing time, and they can survive in cruel weather. GMO can improve the health of animals by expanding the resistance to diseases or viruses and their feed productivity. They engineered plants to produce vaccines, proteins and medicine product to help our society.  It is effortless to raise crops that are genetically modified because of all the stronger ability to resist pests. Genetically modified foods helps farmers with producing greater amounts of crops and foods. Genetically modified food allows farmers and merchants to maintain the good quality of foods more efficiently. Because of the help of GM foods, farmers will have more income, which they could spend on important things they and their family need like education for their children. Due to higher produce/revenue and lower costs, food prices would go down. Some people can’t afford to food and spend over half of their income on food alone, this means an automatic reduction of poverty. GM food contains added proteins and can lead to allergy risks to people. Genetic modification sometimes adds or mix proteins that weren’t native to the original plant or animal, causing new allergic reactions to people. Gm foods can produce uncertain, and difficult to uncover side effects, like allergies, toxins, new diseases, and nutritional problems. Genetically modified foods are safe for the environment, they actually still contain certain kinds of substances that are not yet proven. Some organisms like plants and animals in the ecosystem could be harmed by GM practices, which could lead to a lower level of biodiversity. When we remove a particular pest that is harmful to crops, we are probably removing a food source for a certain species of animals. There are debates about labeling GM foods. Organic food companies and food activists argue that people have a right to know what’s in their food. Opponents argue that the laws, like different seed and biotechnology giants, they argue that the law would higher the prices of foods in the grocery store or have lawsuits against food companies. GM foods have been regulated, but in some countries GM foods are not yet regulated. Other countries which have legislation and rules in place to focus on the risks of consumers health, environmental risks, possible testing and labelling authorities. Genetically modifications crops are able to grow in areas usually unfriendly to growth.    Genetically modified foods have potential dangers leading to concern over their use and potential risks to both the environment and to humans healths. There are not a lot of evidence to propose that there are downsides and significant risks of in taking GM foods. GM foods have certain effects, like toxic and allergies. They also said that GM foods are safe, others that say they are dangerous and a risk to consumers health. Genetically modified food has an advantage too it can also increase the nutritional value of a food source, increase crops with extra vitamins and minerals. But there are some significant disadvantages such as possible toxicity and allergic components in some GM foods. There are potential new diseases and viruses in GM food, and people are not aware of the risks. Biodiversity in the ecosystem is decreasing because of gene transfers from one species to another, creating more developed plants and animal, which may take over the natural populations of weeds. And biodiversity is decreasing again because farmers planting only one crop, wiping out all sorts of species needed to keep the diversity in the ecosystem. Most countries are taking the necessary precautions and legislative actions to protect themselves against the use of GM food. But other countries least aware of GM foods, and have not yet informed their citizens of the risks of GM foods. Also, GM food has more the nutritional value of food and the efficiency of crops and provides many safety as well environmental concerns. The government should inform the people of risk and benefits of GM foods.