Global 14 days? On some programs, participants can be

Global immersions help improve strategic thinking and the ability
to deliver innovative solutions in an international context. Our programs are
customised for our clients and include high impact immersions that will build a
global mind-set and change the way you see yourself and the world around
you.  Delegates are able to learn from global companies and their diverse
scenarios, while at the same time being able to translate these learning’s into
actionable practices and innovation in their organisations.


Classroom lessons and
business practices in another country is bridged by global immersion.
 Expanded perspectives on how business is conducted around the world is
achieved during company visits, cultural activities, and interactive lectures
with business leaders.

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What other opportunity can you think of that allows you to
experience such tremendous personal growth in as little as 8, 10 or 14 days?


On some programs, participants can be immersed in the culture from
day one by taking part in cultural experiences. Being exposed to new ways of
thinking will allow participants to take a step back and experience personal
growth and independence, which in turn will equip them with new
knowledge.Traveling abroad is a huge accomplishment for just about anyone. Whether
it is a fear of failure, taking risks or challenging participants to face new
problems, travelling can often yield the most rewarding experiences.


Experience is at the heart of all our events, motivating
performance, fostering relationships and enhancing collaboration are key to
driving your corporate eventing objectives.


A global immersion will change your life! For certain it will
change the way you see yourself and the world around you.


Entrepreneurs, managers,
and business owners must become the leader the business needs for each
particular stage of growth to continue growing. A company’s leaders need to
keep evolving at the right pace because the company’s needs change during each
stage of growth. Introspection, self-awareness, and a keen sense of strategy,
both in the short and long term are required to achieve this.


Tourvest, a leading integrated destination management organisation
has the knowledge and capabilities of assisting educational institutions with
their global immersions. We are able to handle all logistics, design, set-up
organisation meetings, speakers, and political representation in country. We
look at your program holistically taking into account the outcomes, the organisation
and ALP, should this be relevant. We look at which country will be relevant and
make suggestions, bearing in mind most educational institutions are keen to
expose their participants to emerging markets and BRICS countries.


With this in mind we create the balance between service,
adventure, education and community building, giving the participants a wide
variety of experiences all as memorable as the other.


Everybody’s doing it; experiential learning abroad is on the rise.
More and more programs are starting to include a global component. Participants
are able to get inspired, experience personal growth and gain confidence in a
short space of time.


We at Tourvest would be delighted to partner with you in creating
a world class immersion and everlasting