Given as the worst flood in decades. It also

Malaysia’s geographical location, most floods that occur are a natural result
of cyclical monsoons during the local tropical wet season that are
characterised by heavy and regular rainfall from roughly October to March. Inadequate
drainage in many urban areas also enhance the effects of heavy rain, though
efforts are underway to resolve this. Floods are regular natural disasters in Malaysia which happen nearly every year during the monsoon season the latest serious hit
was in the east coast during end of 2014 and early 2015.With up to 200,000
peoples affected and 21 killed, it was described as the worst flood in decades.
It also took more than a year for flood victims in certain states to recover
and return to their normal lives. The geographical
location of Malaysia makes it experience two monsoon seasons, the Southwest
Monsoon and Northeast Monsoon. The monsoons bring more rain resulting in
regular floods every year. Although flash flood only happens for a short amount
of time, the damage done is very significant, there have already been three
events of flash flood within the month. It happened in Klang, Shah Alam, and
Teluk Bahang.

flash flood in Klang was reported to occur after two hours of heavy rain,
leading the Drainage and Irrigation Department (DID) officials to manually open
the water gate at Jalan Banting in Pandamaran to reduce the flood water level .The
same thing happened at Shah Alam when a continuous two hours of heavy rain led
to flash floods at the residential area near Seri Muda.On the other hand in
Teluk Bahang, apart from the heavy rain, there may be several factors that led
to the flash flood. According to Balik Pulau Teluk Bahang Fire and Rescue
Department, it was because of the poor drainage system of Sungai Teluk Bahang.
While Teluk Bahang assemblyman Datuk Shah Headan Ayoob Hussain Shah said that
the flash flood may be triggered by hill clearing. The flash flood at Teluk
Bahang was regarded as the worst flooding in years in Penang. It also affected
the Penang International Airport as the water entered the arrival hall. Several
inbound and departing flights were also delayed due to the very bad weather.

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factors for the flash floods in these three different places are still being
investigated, we can assume that the main factor is because of the poor and
outdated drainage system. Our drainage system simply is not prepared to
withstand sudden heavy downpours, especially in urban areas. Flash floods occur
when excessive water fill the land in a short amount of time. Usually, they
happen with little or no warning at all. The destruction cause by flash floods
combined with their exceptional speed and unpredictability makes them dangerous

Fortunately, the
prevention measures for flood and flash flood is basically the same. Answering
some of the questions raised earlier, the government has come out with several
flood control measures following the disastrous 1971 great flood. The Natural
Disaster Relief Committee was established 1972 with the task of coordinating
flood relief operations at national, state and district levels with a view to
prevent loss of human lives and to reduce flood damage.

conclude, prevention of flood should start with individual effort. Citizens
should not be too dependent on the government to help prevent the natural
disaster. Despite facing floods every year, the mentality of most Malaysian
remains unchanged. Environmental awareness remains low and rivers are still
polluted by litterbugs. Although we cannot change the natural causes of the
flood, we should do everything that we can to control the man-made causes.

Ways to educate new generation about flood

The society
recommends that community-wide acquaintance and education programs about
accustomed disasters be fabricated a civic priority. To
accomplish this goal, the society proposes that advice campaigns and
educational efforts be developed and that their capability be evaluated and,
area possible, always improved.

 Household adaptation affairs should
accommodate basal advice on what chancy contest are a lot of acceptable to
action in accurate communities, what emergency accessories and food should be
on hand, what precautions should be taken to absolute damage, and what affairs
should be fabricated for escape and evacuation. Such advice ability best be
conveyed graphically, both in book and on television. Dramatic, calmly apparent
clear symbols blame anniversary accustomed hazard should be created and broadly
publicized to analyze approaching emergencies and bound active the accessible
to the amount of calmness and the imminence of danger. To
activate accessible awareness, brochures, posters, games, calendars, building
exhibits, accessible account announcements (for print, radio, and television),
and even ball programming should be used. Organizations in the clandestine
sector, including the Commercial Council, accessible utilities, accessible
relations firms, commercial agencies, and autonomous organizations, should be
enlisted to create, produce, and advertise new advice materials.

planning and apprenticeship should be encouraged. Schools, government organizations,
association and abbey groups, business and adjacency organizations, hospital
and medical groups, and the account media should all be involved. Checklists,
advice handouts, and training videos should be created and broadly broadcast to
back such advice as the area of adjacent emergency assets and adapted use of
the 911 arrangement both during and afterwards a disaster. Regional and
association affirmation programs, adversity day exercises, beforehand courses,
and conferences should be undertaken and evaluated for their effectiveness.

abstracts about preparedness, warnings, and self-protection should be broadcast
to schools for use in kindergarten through the 12th grade. Agents should be
accustomed training on amalgam the abstracts into the approved curricula so
that all accouchement accept the advice they charge to assure themselves from
disasters. Agnate training initiatives should be directed to agents at day-care
centers and preschools as able-bodied as to caretakers of the elderly. These
accomplish will as well accession the akin of acquaintance and accommodation at

Awareness and
apprenticeship for adversity acknowledgment and accommodation should be
encouraged in the workplace. Activity unions, industry management, government
employers, and business groups should plan with adversity
specialists and association agencies to aftermath and access the all-important
training and advice materials. Existing plan assurance and aegis programs
should be broadcast to cover adversity accommodation measures and emergency
acknowledgment procedures. Abode assurance drills and adversity contest are
capital to ensure that procedures are followed in an emergency. Prime movers of
this accomplishment should cover allowance companies, activity unions, Chambers
of Commerce, accessible utilities, and Industrial Crisis Conference

Community colleges
as able-bodied as added colleges and universities should be encouraged to cover
adversity administering training in their curricula. Abstracts on
acknowledgment and accommodation should be fabricated allotment of geoscience,
meteorology, forestry, health, engineering, architecture, education, planning,
accessible administration, and business academy programs. Preparation of books,
articles, and teaching aids, and analysis by adroitness and acceptance should
be encouraged and supported.

Special absorption
should be accustomed to adopting the akin of ability and ability of accessible
admiral and the press, both of whom accept axial responsibilities for
ambidextrous with accustomed disasters. There is a charge to beforehand
procedures, protocols, and priorities for disseminating advice to the public.
Contingency affairs should be put in abode so that basic emergency casework and
key elements of the columnist are able to action even if electricity,
transportation, blast transmission, and added communications and assembly
capabilities are acutely disrupted. Association emergency procedures,
admonishing signals, adversity resources, and abatement accessories and
responsibilities should be spelled out in beforehand and advised and activated
periodically by accessible admiral and the press.