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The main of the premise of the film is the ‘Triumph of Human Spirit. ‘ Support with knowledge of main characters in the film. The main premise or central idea of the film, ‘Cataract’, is the Triumph of Human Spirit’. This is illustrated by Andrew Nicolas use of film techniques to emphasis ideas surrounding characters within the film. For example, Niccole emphasizes the triumph of the human spirit by using lighter colors to accentuate the theme of belonging in scenes where Vincent feels a sense of identity.

Thus through various techniques Andrew Niccole has explored the main premise of this film, the triumph of the human spirit with the attitudes and development of the main characters. The main premise Of this film, the triumph Of the human spirit is shown through the use of genomes throughout the film. For example, it is implied that in the society within the film imperfection is frowned upon, and natural births are discriminated against. DNA and genetic modification is highly valued. This is demonstrated in Vincent opening monologue when he says, Discrimination is no longer by race or social status, but by genes.

Discrimination has come down to a science. ” This is further illustrated through the repetitive close-ups of ‘VALID’ and “INVALID’ on computer screens throughout Cataract. This shows that the society ‘validates’ or approves genetically modified beings and disregards those that are not, it also shows the importance of genetic quality to their society. The director Andrew Niccole does this to emphasis the dyspepsia-like features of the society that is created within the film has become. The members of society feel the need to validate themselves at all times, and confirm their genetic superiority.

Genomes emphasizes the triumph of the human spirit in the way that Vincent Freeman who by society standards, is genetically inferior and set up to fail persevered towards his dream, working hard and motivating himself with his willpower and determination alone climbs to the top of the ranks in a prestigious company and achieves what was thought to be impossible. Despite many obstacles such as the constant fear of being found out for Ewing “INVALID”, the extra effort and determination it took for him to compete with the genetically modified superhuman.

The triumph of the human spirit is evident in Vincent Freeman’s isolation from society as a ‘De gene-rate’ and despite this isolation he was able to neutralist genomes in those around him and make the people he shared relationships with accepting of his faults by sharing his passion with them. The theme of ‘fate’ occurs within the film multiple times and is used to emphasis the premise Of the triumph of the human spirit. In the film Vincent states that, ‘There is no gene for fate. This deals with the human desire to control their fate rather than the willingness to let fate run its course. The society created within Cataract has decrypted the human DNA and hence, modified it in the way that the fate of beings is decided before they are even born. This is highlighted at the scene of Vincent birth, as soon as Vincent was born a blood sample was taken from his body and entered into a machine that gave probability of disease and disorder, and then ultimately, a fife expectancy.

Throughout the film Vincent is fighting this battle with his ‘predetermined’ fate and ultimately prevails, illustrating the triumph of the human spirit. The theme of fate can also be seen in the characters of Anton and Eugene, who through their genetic modification, are faced with the burden of perfection. When the audience is first introduced to Eugene he is seen sitting in a wheelchair beneath shadow under the stairs, which are shaped like a DNA ladder. This is symbolist of his failure to achieve what his DNA projected him to be.

The stairs, representative of his DNA go upwards, to the top and he is seen in the shadow beneath it meaning that his failure to achieve that high point has burdened him. Matron’s burden of perfection is shown in his demeanor and attitude towards Vincent throughout the film. Anton was destined to excel at everything he did but despite this, he was surpassed by Vincent overtime. This is a testament to the triumph of the human spirit and its significance to the movie. It is a recurring theme throughout the movie and is present almost all relationships between each heartache in the movie.

In conclusion, the main premise of the movie ‘Cataract’ is the ‘triumph of the human spirit and this is evident in the themes present within the movie, both fate and genetic discrimination, and their intertwining with the premise of the triumph of the human spirit. The interactions between characters also allude to the triumph of the human spirit as Vincent works his way up from the bottom to space. Thus, through various film techniques and character development the director Andrew Niccole explores the premise of the triumph of the human spirit.


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