Generally, has also helped such organizations to establish equilibrium






managers need to be committed to their role so that they can accomplish
performance management through their effective leadership. This helps a company
to increase its stability, especially in the marketplace. This also contributes
to the happiness of the employees because of the success of a well-functioning
company. Therefore since management is a group-oriented activity, the managers,
employees, and clients should be treated with dignity.


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 Also, such companies have formulated welfare
programs that have improved the people’s wellbeing. This has also helped such
organizations to establish equilibrium even when the needs of the society keep
changing with time. That is also another thing I would like to learn about
management. Sometimes it is quite difficult keeping up with the current trends.
However, with effective management, managers are able to evaluate their
criteria using research and development strategies in analyzing some of the
concepts. Learning how to use the research and development criteria would go a
long way.

are several things that I have always wanted to learn concerning management.
One of them is money management. Considering that the main role of any company
is making money so that they can stay in business, money management is considered
to be an important factor in an organization. Strategizing on ways in which
more revenue is generated and reducing unnecessary spending is a vital lesson
that would help me reflect on how to reduce costs (Robbins et al., 2008). I have seen companies that have managed to
minimize their inputs by integrating human and financial resources and with
that, their outputs are maximized. The other thing I have also wanted to learn
is increasing the welfare of people in the society. It is evident that when
there is good management, there is prosperity in the society. For instance,
many companies that have achieved this have created products and services that
suit people in the targeted environments.

New Things to Learn Concerning


 It is also important for the managers to know
that how they relate to others reflects their ability to build relationships.
They have to create good relationships with potential customers and the
employees. This makes them feel that they are valued and their input or output
benefits an organization (Alvesson &
Sveningsson, 2003). Also, this enables them to showcase trust and
empathy in teams they are working with. It is also important for the managers
to have an adaptability nature. They should have the trait that enables them to
adapt to any business environment so that they can lead effectively. The
different business environments may have various challenges so they should
integrate their creative thinking in handling the challenges.

believe it is important for managers to have good communication skills. If
communication is ineffective, then the subordinates would work in a confusing
environment due to lack of clarification of tasks, roles, and procedures.
Another thing is that should be important to managers is that they should
constantly develop themselves. For instance, if the manager knows that he/she
has a certain problem or weakness, he/she should know how to manage and solve
the situation so that it doesn’t affect his/her management. Also, they should
work towards advancing their career so that they can be figures that can be
emulated by their subordinates.

Important Aspects in Managers

do believe I could be a manager because I like seeing things being managed in
an organized manner. I believe that I am good at motivating others. Therefore,
in the position of a manager, I would ensure that the employees understand what
is expected of them which would help them to work diligently. This would be a
way of motivating their morale since employees play a major role in an
organization and they like to be inspired. In the various places that I have
volunteered, I have always been given a role of overseeing what the others are
doing and their progress. This has been a major reason that inspires me that
one day I will be a manager somewhere. I have always emphasized the importance
of treating the subordinates fairly and equally and making them feel that their
opinions in decision making are relevant. I have seen many employees quit their
jobs because they are treated harshly. Therefore, these are among the things
that I would ensure that I have implemented as a manager. Also, the fact that I
am a good listener, open-minded, visionary, outgoing, and detail oriented this
would enable me to become a good manager. Also, based on my flexibility, I can
adjust to any management style required in an organization.

My Opinion Concerning Being a Manager

 Planning entails the setting of objectives and
the course of action. Rules and procedures have to be developed and there has
to be forecasting. This helps the management to have an oversight of the
general performance and the risks that should be mitigated that may prevent an
organization from meeting its goals. Actually, planning is the foundation of
effective operations since there is an analysis of the resources required and
the manpower to ensure that there is effective management. On the other hand,
organizing entails the identification of the tasks that should be done, hiring
of skilled and competent employees, and establishing of departments. It also
entails the structuring of a chain of command to ensure that there is proper
coordination. However, there cannot be proper management if there is no
leadership. I believe that employees have to be motivated so that they can
maintain their morale at work. With proper leading, an organization’s culture
is molded and there is reasonable conflict management. Therefore, it becomes
possible to have standard quality management when there is good controlling.
This is because performance can be compared with the set standards.

my opinion, management is a strategic and integrated approach that managers
have to analyze to enable them to work towards achieving the best for the
company they work for. Management is an active role where managers have to
influence things to happen. They have to develop people so that with their
joint performance they can accomplish the set objectives. I believe management
is all about motivating the employees so that they can realize their strengths
which are important for good organizational behavior and improvement (Mullins, 2007). Therefore, the employees rely
on good management since they get to share a similar vision as that of the
company’s. They are able to have great confidence when they see that the
workplace is well managed. For this to be achievable, there are four major
functions in the management process. They are planning, organizing, leading,
and controlling.

Analyzing Management

is a crucial factor in any organization. Management is more than instructing
employees on what they should do. There has to be a lot of planning,
organization, and coordination so that there is proper management in an
organization. To ensure that management is effective, there have to be good
interpersonal relationships between the managers and the employees. This
creates a favorable working place where the team members collaborate when doing
their tasks. This makes it possible for the managers to have an easy time in
their management responsibility (Alvesson &
Sveningsson, 2003). This paper will, therefore, reflect on the topic of
management and what should be important to managers as well as the things I
would like to learn concerning management.