Gender gender, or how the person looks.To end mistreatment

Gender inequality is the rights and opportunity that mainly women or girls don’t get. This is a goal we want to achieve because many people around the world are fighting for justice and peace. It is not very easy to successfully reach the goal because there is not enough knowledge provided to the public about this sustainable development. In Canada, there is gender equality but not everyone follows it. Since Canada is a multicultural country, there are many people from different countries with different traditional practices and different beliefs. Since we’re a multicultural country the thought process of our country is very diverse.  Even if some countries have gender equality not everyone is living in peace because there is always a small percent that does not have justice. There are a lot of girls and women getting kidnapped, raped, killed and etc. Today’s generation has become corrupted due to the unlimited access of media, which then results male in the society to kidnap and rape and treat women as a thing rather than treating us as human beings. Moreover, gender equality rises the topic of feminism. In conclusion, if we all fight for justice, we all will live in peace with better problems to face. There is no life with no problems. The goals target are: End all biases toward females around the world.For example, “we need someone who is tough and strong” or “you can play basketball?” Never judge by gender, or how the person looks.To end mistreatment or violence, whether its public or private.For example, when someone sexually or physical abuses you. It could be in front of everyone in public or in somewhere people won’t see.Eliminate the fact females have to get married at a younger age and to discontinue their dreams.For example, my aunt got married when she was 16 because her dad believed when girls reach a certain age, that’s when they get into a relationship and make bad decision so she got married when she was 16 and never got to finish her education but my uncle knew she wanted to become a doctor after 2 years of marriage, because the past 2 years he wanted to give space since she was young and won’t “understand” anything. When he figured she wanted to become a doctor, he paid for her education and she graduated after a few years and now she lives in London Ontario. To ensure women’s get equal rightsFor example, they should get to: participate, make a decision, give a say and get equal opportunities whether it is political, economic, or public some countries, womens just got to vote and are slowly getting their freedom. Also, both gender should get ‘equal pay for equal work’. “Women make 80 cents for every $1 earned by men.” (USAToday)Women should have rights and the admission to own any property.For example, women should have as many rights as a man does to control a land or a company and etc.Give the freedom to females For example, they should get to do whatever they want freely, and if it feels right for them.In class, we’ve talked about how there’s a country that cautions the driver behind a female driver saying a female is driving the car.SDG UN  The impacts gender equality has on physical geography is discrimination of housing and female in cities. For example, after a couple gets divorced, most of the time the mother ends up taking the child or children with her, so at that time she is finalized to be a single parent. In our society single parents/ single mother are usually looked at to be living in a subsidized home. Subsidized homes are a type of housing that is offered to people that do not receive the basic income a family needs to. This connects with gender equality because around the world many females are not available to receive the same job a male does. If a female cannot have a good job and be well paid then how is she supposed to get her own house and not be in the subsidized house? This shows me that intentionally the society is supporting the idea of gender equality. Therefore, these are the impacts physical geography on gender equality due to housing and female in cities.                                                                                                                                                                                     Watching TV Shows, Movies (Hollywood, Bollywood, Kollywood and etc), Youtube videos, social media are all reasons why people have ideal women fixed in their head thinking that this is how much a woman’s worth and how they look. For example, I watch a lot of Kollywood movies and in most movies you can identify women as good body figured, always smiling, no partying, wearing appropriate clothes, religious, listens to her elders, doesn’t talk back, doesn’t work after marriage. Talking about “doesn’t work after marriage”, there is a twist in that because all these girls that don’t continue their dream would probably regret it. On the other hand, It is not anyone’s fault for treating women differently because that’s how they have been grown up hearing this is how women should be and etc.  Furthermore, just like tv shows, a doll has influenced how a female figure should be. But in reality, through the article, it is evident that the Barbie doll figure is not realistic for any female human body. Which is also gender equality because people grow with a mindset of having the Barbie doll figure, in comparison the male barbie dolls figure is not unrealistic as the female barbie doll. This shows gender equality because they make the male Barbie doll very realistic where a human body could have the same body structure whereas no female could have the female barbie doll structure. Therefore these are the impacts human geography has on gender equality.I’ve talked about many cons of how we humans are toward gender equality but there are people that support gender equality for example in 2014, two beautiful hearted ladies made pink ladoos an Indian sweet for raising awareness of gender equality. On October 11, it was an International Day of the girl child and they went to 3 different hospital locations and gave sweets to all babies born that day but the babies that are born as a girl got entertainments like a special song and dance along with a message. In my culture if a boy is born we give traditional sweets to people and if a girl is born they give chocolate, I don’t know why but that’s just how it works the two ladies that have made pink ladoos have shown that it doesn’t matter which gender, we should show as much joy to a female baby. In Canada, women are educated more than men in this country, but people don’t care about that because whatsoever men are not women. I wanted to quote Maryam Monsef, Minister for the Status of Women saying “It’s important to recognize the hard-won gains of the past few decades and of our current government. We are fundamentally protected against discrimination under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which is unique to Canada. We’ve spent several nights in graduation ceremonies where more women than men are graduating and entering the workforce. That’s all part of progress.”(Gender equality in Canada: Where do we stand today?) Women make 60% of university grad and all people care about is eventually a woman is women and can never be a man who “runs the family”, ” never trust a woman she’ll leave anytime” and etc. I could go really deep into this but it could get emotional. All these biases are just myths, and stories we hear. On the other hand, this will change because the past years the education curriculum has included gender equality and all these violations that happen in the world so that we get a knowledge and to make a good choice.  Global wise, as we see there is a more male politician than there are of females. There are more safety protection and greater health for females than as of males. If people stop looking at both gender differently, there would be lots of changes in today’s society.