Garrett In 1938, she went to Newnhamcollege in Cambridge.

Garrett SutherlandBiologyMr. Perry6 December 2017Rosalind FranklinRosalind Franklin played a major part in finding out what DNA was. Even though shewas never given the full credit she deserved, she was still one of the main contributors in findingout why and how we are the way we are.Rosalind Franklin was born in 1920 in London, England. She was born into a very richfamily and grew up with a lot of money. From when she was little, she displayed how smart shewas and how much she enjoyed school. She knew she wanted to be a scientist since she was ateenager and continued to follow that goal through college. In 1938, she went to Newnhamcollege in Cambridge. When she graduated, she was awarded with the Second Class Honors,which was like the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree in America today. Because of her greataccomplishments in school she was able to become an assistant research officer and the mostmajor coal research place in Great Britain. In 1945, she was able to write a successful thesis oncoal. In 1946, she got asked to go work at the Laboratiore Central des Services Chemiques del’Etat in Paris where she worked with Jacques Mering. There she learned how to use x-raydiffractor, which led to most of her discoveries in DNA.In 1951 Rosalind Franklin went back to London to study biophysics at King’s College.There the college used her for her expertise on x-ray diffraction to examine DNA fibers. Afterusing her x-ray diffraction skills, she made the discovery that there were two types of DNA. Shefound that one “A” was dry and another one “B” was wet. She took a picture of one B DNA itbecame famously known as Photograph 51. It took over 100 hours of x-ray exposure.Her and only a few other people knew about this Photograph 51. One of those peopleended completely destroying her plan. His name was Maurice Wilkins who worked with andreleased the photograph after him and Franklin had a disagreement. He released it to JamesWatson and Francis Crick, who were working on their own model of DNA. When they saw thephoto they knew this is what they needed to base their DNA model after. In 1953 the Crick andWatson publish their model and the work they did to find out what DNA was; they went on towin a Nobel Peace Prize in 1963. Since they were the first people to publish they were givenmuch of the credit for the discovery of DNA.At the time Franklin got almost no credit for the findings she made. She definitelydeserved some because her photo is what Watson and Crick based their model on. RosalindFranklin is probably the reason why we know what DNA is and what it looks like today.Source: