From,Vikram for the Spring 17 and Fall 17 semesters,

From,Vikram Venkayalapati MadhusudhanGrad Student (M. Arch)University of North Carolina CharlotteI am writing to appeal my academic dismissal from The University of North Carolina at Charlotte. I was very upset to receive the suspension letter. I request you to reinstate me for the Spring 2018 semester.I must admit that the Fall 2017 semester overall was a difficult one which in result led to low grades. I don’t mean to make any excuse for my poor performance. I would like to take this opportunity to explain the cause. I thought I could handle the workload, but the bank offering me, my student loan failed to cover me for my living expenses. Previously, the loan covered 50 percent of the living expenses for the Fall 16 semesters. I was able to cover the rest with 10 hours of work. Now, for the Spring 17 and Fall 17 semesters, I only received the loan amount for the tuition. I had to work for more than 20 hours a week along with the coursework. I tried my best to perform well at school and I wasn’t really expecting a low grade.If reinstated, I am planning to repeat two courses – Arch History 3 (ARCH 5203) and Design Studio: Topical (ARCH 7103) in the Fall 2018 semester. I am already in touch with the professors from the Spring 18 semester and will plan the coursework and manage time even more efficiently. Also, my loan covers a part of my living expenses for the next 1 year, so I will have more time to study.It would mean so much to me to graduate from UNC Charlotte with an M. Arch degree. If I am reinstated, I will take it as an opportunity to work harder and manage my time more wisely. I will also communicate much better with my professors about my academic performance. Being an International student from India, paying for ‘Out of state’ tuition hasn’t been easy for my family. Fortunately, my bank has agreed to cover a part of my living expenses for the Spring 18 semester. I will also meet my advisor and take advice from him regarding this issue.Also, my low GPA is because of some unavoidable circumstances and I hope it does not indicate I’m a bad student. I hope you will give me a second chance. Thank you for considering this appeal.Sincerely,Vikram Madhusudhan