From trafficking is a risky job to handle so

From Desroches’s study,
it is quite evident that drug trafficking is a risky job to handle so the drug
traffickers will be highly alert about what they do and make sure that drugs
availability is always alive in our society. As drugs are a global issue and
spreading everywhere just like a wildfire and taking over young generations
lives, the government of all nation feels
like it needed to be controlled so they
introduced different acts for drug prohibitions all around the world. Police started
fighting so hard to keep away more drugs flowing into our societies. Some of the prominent anti-drug acts that came
into action in United Kingdom were “Dangerous Drug Act (1967), Drug Trafficking
Offence Act, Central Drugs and Illegal Immigration Unit (Scotland) and Misuse
of Drug Act (act for controlling misuse of drug prohibition acts) “(South,
2017) and some acts that were prominent in USA are ” Federal Bureau of
Narcotics (1930), US Repeals Alcohol Prohibitions (1933), US Narcotics Control
Act (1956), War on drugs (military intervention for prohibition of drugs initiated
in 1971)” (South, 2017). With these prohibitions police also started using many
strategies and planning to control drug use and reduce its availability on the
streets. War on drug policing was an unsuccessful military intervention program
to control drugs as it fallen short in weakening the street level drug
activities that were taking place because the accessibility of drugs was too high on the street market and the price started falling less than usual price
(Cooper, 2016). According to Cooper “Evaluations of specific tactics, such as
raids on crack houses and crackdowns, suggest that their effects on drug
availability are minimal, decay rapidly, and may displace drug activity to
other areas and increase drug-related violence” (2016).


When policing of drugs is not well organized enough to control it the drug-related crime rate will also peek up. “Violence related to drug selling is commonly seen in urban areas and it is an integral part of drug markets all around the
world”(Werb et al, 2010). One of the most enlarging drug-related crime is DUI (driving under influence), this might not
cause problems for person driving but for public it will surely cause problems,
for instance, the person under influence
can end up killing someone which consider
under murder charges and this will also cause property damages (Caulkins,
2014). Another and most prominent reason why crime rates increases is due to the
need for more money to buy drugs, drug addict often act violent crimes for this
reason, they get involved in drug trafficking as a result of this and other types
of crimes related are fraud, theft, breaking into others property and robbery(Casavant
et al, 2001). While these violent crimes are committed by men, women, on the other hand, makes money by
working as prostitutes on the street to buy drugs, while these crimes are
carried out by drug addict, it does not mean all drug addicts resort themselves to violent crimes to get drugs (Casavant
et al, 2001).

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It is not just drugs that pose challenge for law and
order but gangs too. Drugs and gangs are correlated in different ways because gangs
are the reason why drug availability increases in our society.