From from different cultures, each with their own unique

From a young age I have always loved caring for other people. As the eldest of six children and a large extended family, I have been surrounded by pregnancy for the most of my life. With family who are midwives, doctors and nurses, I have been very lucky to be surrounded by such influential people. To me being a midwife is also about being a positive role model, empowering women, giving women a choice and supporting women and their families through one of  the most wonderful times of their lives. After completing Leaving Certificate Applied in 2009, I didn’t feel ready to enter third level education. I knew I needed time to mature so I chose to travel. This gave me the time and the experiences that enabled me to find out what I career I really wanted to pursue. I returned to Ireland after five years to care for my uncle who was just diagnosed with terminal cancer. When he passed away I knew I wanted to pursue a career in Healthcare. Now, at the age of 26, I decided to return to education. I enrolled in a QQI Level 5 in Nursing Studies. This course has benefited me in many ways. It has taught me the skills, both practical and interpersonal, to be an exceptional carer. During this course, I researched the different roles of the multidisciplinary team and decided that I would like to pursue an education in Midwifery. As maths is a requirement for the courses I am applying for, I have applied to sit my Leaving Certificate Maths exam again to gain the grade needed. I applied for a job in a local Nursing Home to gain experience in the medical field. I also shadowed a Midwife during her private antenatal classes. Being from the west of Ireland, I didn’t feel the classes would be diverse enough so I travelled to Dublin to ensure I met people from all walks of life . It was such an eye opening experience meeting women from different cultures, each with their own unique birthing plan. I am very proud of myself for moving to another country by myself. There I worked for two families, one with four boys and the other with five boys. These jobs taught me invaluable skills. I learned to be organised, resilient and caring. All skills that are vital to being a Midwife.After taking time to mature and find my true calling, gaining a place in a University is my next step. It would an honor to be accepted into a University held with such high regard. I have proved time and time again that I am hardworking. I know that I am able to fully commit myself to this degree and I am fully aware of the challenges that may lie ahead.