Freddy security plan in action that focus on prevention

Freddy Perez / SEC 321 / 29 January 2018 / Security PlanPL Hotel Security PlanIntroductionFor the hotel industry, creating an safe and secured environment for all guests and employees is first priority. Security managers have the complicated task of developing a security plan and strategy that can cover all areas of  the lodging facility. The security team must be able to deal not only with the well being of the guests and employees but also with minimizing the impact the surrounding community of all hotel operations. A trained security manager must be able to put their hotel security plan in action that focus on prevention and mitigation tactics, These prevention and mitigation tactics are essential for the well being and safe environment of guests and employees. According to “Adjusters International” (1996), “Hotel policy violations by guests and patrons will also be enforced with this same policy. Hotel ownership and management will fully disclose and corporate with law enforcement personnel, and other City agencies as issues arise. The security personnel will cooperate and coordinate with neighboring businesses to act as a united force to provide an additional sense of security for immediate community, businesses, patrons and employees in the neighborhood.” The security force must be able to address all security related concerns of the hotel administration like vandalism, burglary and  robbery. These are all general security concerns that all security managers will dealt with at some point of their careers. Visible security presence, undercover security agents and video surveillance systems are useful to prevent inside and outside security threats. Just a one single security incident can affect hotel operations, cause loss of life and hotel property. That is why training security personnel in prevention and detection tactics is so important. Hotels are designed to provide easy access to a high traffic of people and vehicles, in fact that’s the purpose of the whole operation. People and vehicles coming in and out translate to good business in the hotel industry but it also creates the prefect environment for the sex trafficking industry. It is important that all hotel employees are trained on detecting this type of activity because sometimes they are the first line of defense. According to “Time Magazine” (2014) “For hotels, the first line of defense after a vigilant front desk clerk is the in-house security team. Sometimes traffickers will check in to the room and only much later smuggle the girls and the johns into the hotel through a side door. Very few women are being paraded by the front desk. Hotels have put in very sophisticated camera equipment, but that doesn’t mean they catch everything”.  One sign that a room inside the hotel is being used by prostitutes or human traffickers is a constant flow of individuals coming in and out from the room to the lobby, parking lot of other areas of the hotel. Situations like this are not only signs of prostitution or human trafficking, but other criminal activities as well.  Below is the proposed security plan developed by our firm for all PL Hotel Inc. installations.PurposeProvide a safe environment inside, outside and surroundings areas for all guests and employees of the hotel.Provide a high quality service for all guests and patrons.Identify and control any disorderly conduct  during check in and departure process.Control and diffuse any security related incident that may occur.Develop a strong and visible security force to prevent and neutralize potential threats. Maintain a highly skilled security team that can be responsible of the welfare of all guests and employees.TasksProvide security personnel to roam and monitor all stores, lounge and restaurant areas.Provide security personnel to roam and monitor all common areas, i.e. pool, parking lots, gymnasium, and surrounding areas.Provide personnel to enforce zero drugs, contraband and hotel policies violations.Provide Personnel to monitor guests conduct and prevent public intoxication incidents.Provide personnel to monitor activity on all floors and elevators.Greet and provide a safe and secured environment all incoming and outgoing guests.Provide crow control services to facilitate hotel operations.Establish efficient primary and secondary ways of communication between security personnel and law enforcement agencies.Identify, analyze and neutralize any suspicious activity and unattended luggage.Mitigation ProceduresVandalismProvide sufficient illumination for inside and outside areas. Brighten and eliminate blind spots, trim all vegetation and maintain constant security patrols in vulnerable areas. Install a sophisticated and effective security surveillance system to detect any vandalism to the hotel and guests propertyBurglaryKeeping a clean and neat appearance in hotel grounds is a must to prevent and mitigate burglary. Criminals look for locations that are easy to be burglarized. If the hotels looks like is not being taken care of it will be a target for burglary. Maintaining a constant security presence is paramount to avoid becoming a target. Also, it is important that all damage as a result of vandalism is repaired immediately. RobberyRobbery related incidents can escalate quickly and evolve to a life or death situation. This is why it must be dealt accordingly. All employees must watch for any suspicious behavior of individuals or vehicles. Prevention is the key when it comes to robbery mitigation. Having a quick reaction security force available to deal with any situation that may arise is critical. Prostitution/Human TraffickingSexual exploitation is one of the current models of slavery and one of the worst human rights abuse that we face as society. The hotel industry is vulnerable for this activity due to the large traffic of people during hotel operations. Hotels employees and security personnel must be vigilant for signs of sex trafficking activity. According to “Time Magazine” (2014), “One of the key times is at check in. Paying with cash is obviously a cause for concern, especially if the reservation was originally made with a credit card. When an older man or woman checks in with younger women who don’t appear to be his or her children they speak a different language, they’re distant from him, they look dazed or afraid, or if they’re made up to look older than they really are that often means the women are not there willingly. A bunch of guys checking in with two young Latvian women alarmed this hotel employee, who went called the cops on them and broke up a trafficking ring. And then there’s the luggage clue; legitimate travelers usually bring a bunch of bags with them.” (para.6). One of the key elements of security in the hotel industry is having a large number of undercover security guards interacting actively with hotel guests and patrons. Prostitution and human trafficking undercover operations are becoming and essential element in the mitigation process of these activities.ConclusionThe hotel industry is active year around and it constitutes the main source of revenue in some countries. This is why all security concerns must dealt with accordingly. Developing and maintaining a well designed security plan is instrumental to the organization.ReferencesAdjusters international. (1996). Retrieved from Magazine. (2014). Retrieved from