Forcing its work which they are best at, simultaneously

Forcing the
crowd over “STEM”: There is no uniform definiton of STEM, there is a general
abbreviation stands for the science, technology, engineering and mathematics,
area that used by experts to describe the working od devices/phenomena to solve
specific scientific problems. According to a study only 16% of American students
are interested in Maths and STEM. Our so called boring lectures need to be
changed to fun events, keeping the pace of displacement of jobs. Making
learning the only constant can also resolve the issue to much. market is being
flooded with new ideas every day, to survive we need to change the notion of
Ending Education after degree22years.

Like wise
with A.I & automation , there will be continues need of the people who need
to code these machines, they will lead a new way to creativity and technology.

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Stepping-In: how to increase the machine
production as well as knowing how to connect the technical and business environment. Step-up: These are the group of people
present in every company who decide what smart people, machine and together
will be doing for the betterment of the society. Step Aside: let the machine do its work which they are best at,
simultaneously choosing the area where machine are not so good or so called
multiple intelligence’ Step-Narrowly
: these are those set of people who are hypersocialize. It means getting ever
deeper into subject with all the force of past achievement helping you grow.Step-Forward: These are the extra
talented work force who created the so called artifical intelligance. They are
always a step ahead from these,learning skills and adapting to the change.

                               “Complacency is
not an option, but dependency isn’t required either”. Workers can develop some
important skills to compete with A.I. Knowledge workers should purse and
understanding concepts:

Learning How to Adapt:

Robots can be used for analysis and diagnosis
but the ability of
computational thinking or turning large data into abstract form cannot be developed
in robots. The ability to critically asses and develop content that uses these resources.
Design mindset, Virtual collaboration are another aspect in which robots are
behind human.

According to
the experts: robots can take over human jobs, but there are some skills which a
robot or artificial intelligence can never over some like Critical thinking and
analytical skills. Robots generally work on the principal of pattern recognition,
but are unable to think about the use of product in different things. Thinking
out of the box is the key factor to survive in the era of transformation, which
can only be pursued by human brain. Knowledge,
skills, and motivation that required by an individual to adapt so called cross
cultural competency.

Jobs can be
done by artificial intelligence and robots too. There is a huge gap in what a
robot can and can’t do. They have a poor eye-sight, they see lines, circles,
squares, but they don’t understand that these sum up in formation of a human

How are human more economically

Human will be
always an economically and ergonomically relevant than robots due to the major
need of some individual to program and manufacture. Well talking about the
resources required like design, algorithm, programming to function as compared
to human being. Technology could fundamentally disrupt the pattern of
traditional economic path in developing countries. “As we continue to encourage
more investment in infrastructure to promote growth, we also have to think
about the kinds of infrastructure that countries will need in the economy of
the future. We all know that technology has and will continue to fundamentally
reshape the world,” World Bank president Jim Kim said. There is about 70%
threat of jobs in India and china. 

Over the past 144 yrs. technology have created more number
of jobs than it ever had, saving people from the dull and dangerous work. Technology magnifies our leverages,
endless inventiveness (never get enough) always something new is present in the
market to test up. If history is our teacher, job displacement due to smart
machines simply means that knowledge must be applied by workers. The same way
as the era of civilisation changed from agriculture to industrialisation. In short,
worker need to be augmenter, a scenario in which human and computers combine
their strength to achieve more outcomes.

So is that panicking, not necessarily, history has proved
that the technology is a job giver.

Kodak in 1930 launched 1-megapixel digital camera, and holds
up 90% of the market in 1930, soon ended up as 1 million bankrupts in 2012. “we
could never come up with automation and never took it so seriously thus ended up
“says the CEO.

”The O Ring Principal”: From the weakest to the strongest,
In the group every small links matter.

From past 200 Year the discovery was made to reduce human work.
Then too it worked, then to the workforce increased in 2017 higher than 125 yrs.
in 1890.

According to the study done Boston university Economist
james the past 45 years of automation of automatic telling machine,
there is a hipe in the number of employee that too upto 47%.   Then too there are many jobs. What had happened!
The transformation took place the teller reduced the work by 1/3 but then new
branches were created. The workload decreased and Now the employee was doing
some more demanding work, what we commonly call as customer satisfaction.