For when displaying the Toyota Tundra ad. They do

For this assignment, I attended the football game at Jones
AT&T Stadium. Texas Tech was playing their first home game of 2017 season
against Eastern Washington. Reflecting on my sports experience as a student was
different because I have always been on a football team growing up.  I would not experience the same type of
activities or prospective jobs in this role.  
However, attending my first game as a student, had me feeling a new
experience to learn more about sports marketing. As soon as I sat down at my
seat, I noticed they were showing pre-game commercials and advertisements.  This made me think about a prospective job in
being a Marketing Analyst and Consultant specifically in a sports related
industry.   I noticed they had Raising
Canes and a Toyota Tundra advertisement on the big screen. Companies do this to
market their goods and services and bring brand awareness to a captive
audience. For marketers, they use the brand awareness strategy when displaying
the Toyota Tundra ad. They do this so the next time you want to buy a truck,
they hope you will remember back on that pre-game advertisement and influence
your decision. Like Raising canes, marketers use the short-term awareness to
the audience. Marketers do this because they know people crave food. Doing this
will make people want to go get Canes after the game. Marketers want to raise
awareness to the consumers so when the time comes they will remember what they
saw on that advertisement at the game.

My experience watching the game was exciting. As a student I
never knew what it felt like to cheer for my school’s team. It was a totally
different view from the stands. I was learning different chants and fight songs
as the game was playing out. It was an awesome experience when Tech scored
their first touchdown.  Tortillas were
sailing over my head and people all around me were screaming. It amazed me how
great of an experience it was to be there. I hated sitting down during timeouts
because I was so into the game and didn’t want a break from it. As I was
sitting, I noticed on the big screen they were promoting a Texas Tech
partnership with ReplyBuy, a global sales provider that specialized in
providing fans with an instantaneous way to purchase tickets. I noticed this
was targeted for people other than the student section because we get into
games for free. Through this partnership, Red Raider fans will be able to
instantly buy tickets by simply replying to a text message that I saw on the
screen. Fans who register for the service will receive a $10 credit toward
their first purchase using ReplyBuy.

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For a promotion to be successful, it must be
profitable.  For the ReplyBuy promotion,
it must increase the number of people at the event (paid attendance) or it must
enhance corporate tie-ins, which are signs or give-a-ways at the stadium.
Sponsor value, or the value perceived by the sponsor, must also be enhanced
along with media coverage. A strategy that a sports marketer must use is to
stagger the promotional items throughout the event. If one staggers the
promotion, then the audience is always aware of the event and looking out for
the promotions.

During the halftime show, Jones AT&T Stadium was hosting
an event. For the event, they had a person attempt to kick a field goal to earn
a free trip to Las Vegas. As he missed the kick wide right, it makes me realize
how cool it would be to have the opportunity to attempt something that easy to
get a free trip.  I love watching these
because they are entertaining, and they are a cool way of thinking from a marketer
point a view. They are raising awareness for potential travelers to Las Vegas
and trying to create hype through the stadium. It makes people think of how
great of a trip it would be to go to Vegas. Even if 5 out of the 65 thousand
people in the stands go on a trip next year to Las Vegas, that is a conversion
of 5 people that the promotion influenced.  
As soon as the half time show was over, they announced an advertisement
about Dr. Pepper. I realized Dr. Pepper sponsored that halftime event. This sounds
weird, but it made me thirsty and I went to the concessions and bought a Dr.
Pepper right before the 3rd Quarter started. Marketers do this to bring a brand
recognition to their product. All this is for getting people to be aware of
your product and buy it immediately or later when needed. I noticed the cup of
Dr. Pepper had a Dr. Pepper logo on it. Doing this, raised the brand awareness
just like the other forms of advertisements. So, when the next time a consumer
wants to buy a drink, they will always remember that brand.

Like Dr. Pepper, I noticed the Under-Armor logo on their
uniforms. Under Armor creates a brand awareness that plays a very important
role in the Athletic Department.  The
logo is on all of Texas Techs uniforms, merchandise, and on banners at the
stadium. Under Armor donates money to the Athletic program because they are
marketing their company.  This is a form
of sponsorship.  “Sponsorship, like any
promotion, affects the image people have of the sponsor” (Collin McDonald,
1991, 31).  “Meanwhile, collegiate
athletics provide additional opportunities for sports marketers. These venues
provide fans who have an intense interest in and loyalty to the participants.
Association of products and companies with these teams provide additional opportunities
for marketers to reach highly involved and intensely loyal target audiences”
(J. Richard Shannon 1999). This makes people who are tech fans want to purchase
Under Armor outfits because their favorite team wears it.

As you can see, sports marketing involves more than just
making sure people attend the events; it involves a strategic plan to assure
the success of the whole event. The timing of the actual marketing is very
important during the game. The time an advertisement goes up on the mega-screen
is crucial because a corporation wants to make sure as many people as possible
see the advertisements. These sponsorships include Coca-Cola, Canes, Dr Pepper,
Toyota, Under Armor, Covenant Health, Papa Johns, etc.   “Sports sponsorship has emerged as a
credible and important dimension of brand marketing because it represents a
long-term investment in creating dynamic relationships between brands and
consumers” (James Santomier, 2008, 20). They provide the money needed to
support the Athletic Department in return for signs and advertisements at the
game. The goal is to market the event so attendance at all events will
increase.  Therefore, the marketing
during a game has a greater impact and influence. 

As the game ended the whole crowd celebrated their first
home game win. The score was a blow out. It was 10 to 56. The game affected the
fans and consumers in a good way. Since tech won, people left with a smile on
their face. When a team wins, people are going to want to keep coming to games.
So as a marketer, you hope your team keeps winning because it will draw more
and more people each game. Overall, my experience at my first Tech game was
breathtaking. I will never forget the way it felt as my first time being in the
stands for my school.   Not only was this
a new experience from a game perspective, it also provided great insight into
potential opportunity in sports marketing analyst and research.