For he had with Exion Asia was a great

For 22 weeks from September 2017 till
February 2018, the writer has done an internship programme at Exion Asia.

Firstly, the writer would like to
invite Exion Asia Company to accept his sincerest thanks and gratitude for this
internship opportunity and it was truly his pleasure to intern in the company.
This company were very informative and enjoyable, he has gained plenty of knowledge
during this 22 weeks internship programmes.

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The internship opportunity he had
with Exion Asia was a great chance for learning and professional development.
Therefore, he considers himself as a very lucky individual as he was provided
with an opportunity to be a part of it. He is also grateful for having a chance
to meet so many wonderful people and professionals who led him though this
internship period.

Bearing in mind previous he is using
this opportunity to express his deepest gratitude and special thanks to the MD
of Exion Asia – Mr Thiang who despite of being busy with duties, took time out
to hear, guide and keep him on the correct path.

He expresses his deepest thanks to Mr
Eugene Yap, sales manager who is for taking part in useful decision &
giving necessary advices and guidance and allowing him to carry out his project
at their esteemed organization. He choose this moment to acknowledge his
manager’s contribution gratefully.

It is his radiant sentiment to place
on record his best regards, deepest sense of gratitude to Mr Elfe, Quality assurance
who is also his supervisor at operation team, Razif, Vinoth, Masri and Hooi
Lee, experienced Technician and service engineer who always teach him along
patiently, Ms Mary Jane, senior application engineer who is also his supervisor
at sales team, Mr Zhanming & Ms Cydney, Sales engineer and Assistance sales
manager respectively who willing to bring him along for lunch and also give him
the right suggestion, Mr Changkai, Mr Isaac, Ms Wang Fang, Ms Jamie Wong and Ms
Shanelle for their careful and precious guidance which were extremely valuable
for his study both theoretical and practically.

It’s not everyone who has colleagues
with consistently cooperative, generous and understanding, and he feel that he has
been blessed. Not only he has enjoyed working with them, he has also learned
how a really good working environment being generated.

He perceive as this
opportunity as a big milestone in his career development. He will strive to use
gained skills and knowledge in the best possible way, and he will continue to
work on their improvement, to attain desired career objectives. Hope to
continue cooperation with all of them in the future.

Lastly, he would like to take this
opportunity to convey his gratitude to my academic supervisor as known as
liaison officer (L.O) – Dr Loh Sin Foo
who always gives him right information. Without his LO’s kind direction and proper
guidance, this study would have been a little success.  As a last year student of Singapore
Polytechnic in School of Mechanical & Aeronautical (MAE) with the
discipline of Mechanical Engineering – Energy System, we are required to
complete either Final Year Project (FYP), team of four or 22 weeks Individual
Enhanced Internship Programme (ITP).

The aim of this internship is to be
familiar to the practical aspect of the course and implementation of the theory
knowledge and clarifying the career goals. Besides, the internship experience
is designed to provide students working towards certificates and associate in
Mechanical Engineering diploma with an opportunity to develop insight into the
practical application of academic knowledge. Through observing the work
activities of prepared to assess our own interest and potential for a career in
engineering aspect. Our practical learning experience will be most beneficial
if we have a general knowledge/skill of the technical engineering area. This
understanding will be forthcoming from the completion of the internship final
report and coursework prior to both enrolment in the internship and further
study in any university.   Objectives of the internship
programme are:To experience the
realities of the principal ship by applying previous classroom knowledge to
actual principal like situations;To gain practical
experience in applying technical skills, techniques and theory through working
with a professional engineer or technicians; To gain
problem-based experience in strategic leadership, instructional leadership,
organizational leadership, and political and community leadership;To practise
problem-based learning in an authentic supervised environment;To provide: Ø  Opportunities to work with and learn
from engineer in public schools, social service agencies, and public and
private organizationsØ  A catalyst for professional growth
and development based on standards and tailored to help candidate meet the
state requirements for a principal endorsement. 1Summary of the Chapter:Above information has described what
the internship programmes is about, included its objective and purpose.  

The next chapter I am going to
discuss the details of my attached company.