Five supervision of the head of the department, I

Five masquerade trees, one mango,
and two palm oil with their curve edges dancing along the perimeter of my
father’s house fence. The presence of these trees in our compound protects the
house from the heavy storm and direct effects of the sun. Despite all these
benefits from nature, the trees liters the compound with an unimaginable
quantity of dead leaves. Eight years old me was left with the responsibility of
clearing the leaves. I do this every day until I developed a good chemistry
with the earthworm and termites, they helped greatly in decomposing the heaps
of leaves. I grew in knowledge of how to make my environment free of waste and
a better place to live. This naturally informed my judgment to study
environmental engineering and management and use both biology and chemistry
principles to tackle waste, pollution, and other environmental issues in my
country and the world at large.


The environmental deterioration in
Nigeria and some neighboring countries has increased at an exponential rate. It
sometimes creates fear that some part of the nation might be wiped out in near
future if this menace is left unchecked. However, it is surprising the
negligence of the society and government in taking action concerning the
possibility of a nation’s population being decimated by environmental degradation.
What brings hope to the sore of my country is that young men like I are making
unwavering allegiance to rescue the nation from abused environment.

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During my bachelor program at
Federal University of Technology Akure. I studied Geology and one of the
core courses was Environmental Geology where I learned about different phases
of environmental degradation and its management, I worked at Ondo State Ministry of works and environment in Nigeria as an intern where I learnt a lot about Environmental monitoring and
pollution control, through all these my interest in environmental engineering
became firm and I realized my true calling.  The lagging condition of Nigeria in the field of environmental
protection makes it necessary for us to learn from the experiences of the
advanced countries. On the other hand, with the increasing awareness of the
importance of environmental protection, environmental control is developing
into a new industry with a promising prospect.


After my bachelors degree, I went
for my national youth service corps where I worked as graduate trainee in Ondo state water and sanitation ,I worked on ground water pollution under the supervision of the head
of the department, I learnt the integrated management of wastewater, solid
waste and air pollution .This project ignited in me a passion for research and at
the same time provided me with an opportunity to apply all my theoretical
knowledge I have gathered in the university. With my knowledge of environmental
Geology, and
various practical knowledge I have
gathered during my intern and place of work I believe that I have laid myself a
foundation on which I plan to build upon.


To pursue a successful personal career
in this field has become my aspiration. Under such circumstances, I file this
personal statement to your esteemed university under the hope of seeking more advanced
trainings in the field of environmental engineering and management.


A masters degree in Environment engineering and management will
provide me with the platform to further improve and ultimately refine my
knowledge and skills in my areas of interest. After my Masters program, I would like to go back to Nigeria to impact my country the knowledge I have acquired in
Estonia which I know will go a long way to solving our environmental problems in Nigeria, It will serve to give
direction to my goal of a career as a professional that proffer solutions to
environmental problems.


I am an enthusiastic and a
lucrative young man, who is capable of rising up to the challenges that may
arise. I feel that life must be experienced; which is why I have a variety of
interests, which includes, traveling, reading and socializing . The notion of
Graduate study abroad seems like an excellent opportunity to experience diverse
cultures. The prospect of studying in Tallinn University of Technology which has
a rich blend of students of different ethnic origins and traditions truly  


I  seek to pursue the graduate program in
Environmental engineering and management your prestigious institution  the curriculum is a blend of varied subjects
which will allow me to be fundamentally powerful yet innovative and inventive.  It is my goal to have understanding of
environmental pollution on a global scale by analyzing how our current
philosophies and policies affecting these problems. After studying the
publications of Dr Karin Pachel and  Dr Arvo Lital I know that if  given a chance to be a student of
the department, I will be developed into a professional. All the skills and
knowledge that will be impacted on me by this institution will be used to solve environmental problems to
make the world a better place to live


The only gap between me and my dream actualization is the
knowledge I will acquire through this program. Hence, I am
vehemently waiting to be considered as a student in your institution.