Female sexual dysfunction is a highly prevalent problem and

     Female sexual dysfunction  is a highly prevalent problem and its Prevalence
estimates vary substantially. Nonetheless, results show that FSD is a
significant public health problem that affects 41% of women around the globe.
More research and improved standardization are needed in this field. (McCool
2016 ).

     In the North-East of Iran Among the studied
subjects, prevalence of sexual dysfunction was estimated at 62.1% ( Nasrin Fazel, et al,2016).

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     OAB increases the risk of
institutionalization, has a negative impact on female sexuality and is also one
of the most costly health conditions in terms of the financial burden it forces
on individuals and society (Bradway, Dahlberg &Barg , 2010).  In Egypt the exact magnitude of the problem
of OAB  is not yet reported, but there is
a study done by (Gamal
El Atrash, et
al,  2014) states that the prevalence  of FSD was (74% )
in  Urological  Department  , Suez
Canal University Hospital, Ismailia,  through the year 2014 .

Also, it shows that
regarding QOL, the most distressing issues for sufferers were their inability
to pray (90%) OAB is common in Egypt and prevalence rates are higher when
compared to other reports. Therefore this study will be done to assess more
about the effect of FSD and OAB. (First & Wakefield 2013).

                Information is a key factor for optimal
management of OAB symptoms. Patients should receive consistent information and
effective discharge instructions to be prepared for transition of care from
hospital to home. An effective practical discharge advice will increase
patients` confidence in managing their care at home, improve health status and
make them feel safe and comfortable. It is vital to provide patients with
certain guidelines and information about their voiding regimen , daily
activities and dietary advice….etc. (Smeltzer  and
Bare  , 2010) .