“Family Thompson (one of the authors) is being involved

and Friends Grade 3 Second edition”

Thompson and Naomi Simmons, published by Oxford University Press, Great
Clarendon Street, Oxford, OX 2 6 DP, United Kingdom, www.oup.com/elt/familyandfriends,
2014. ISBN 9780194808316.

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and Friends grade 3 second edition is a coursebook for elementary students
grade 3. This book provided us strong benefits of learning materials which
focused on the goals of speaking and vocabulary drill. This book also
integrated with CD’s, digital resources and several teaching aids that suits
the diversity of learners in a classroom. Authors of the book, Tamzin Thompson
and Naomi Simmons, are both experienced in composing an English coursebook. Tamzin
is a freelance ELT author with more than 10 years experiences, and contributed
also in OUP various of courses such as: Heroes,
Toby, Tom and Lola. The second author, Naomi Simmons had more than 20 years
experiences and worked as a full – time author of the books about how to teach
English to young learners. She is also acknowledged as the ‘worlds best selling
author’ in the field of TEYL (Teaching English to Young Learners).

book was first published in 2016,
directly after ten years when Tamzin Thompson (one of the authors) is being
involved with Oxford University Press Team. Firstly, they published the first edition of this
book. After two years, the second edition of “Family
and Friends” was published.
The only difference between these two is they have fluency skills in their
second edition. This fluency skills part is designed by the author of the book
to strengthen students’ ability in practicing their English.

This book divided into 15
chapters, started from the ‘starter’ chapter. In every chapter of this book
they provide the readers with three types of focus in learning English, such
as: (1) grammar focus, (2) phonics, and (3) four basics English skills
(reading, listening, writing and speaking). The difficulties of the materials
are depends on the levels of the book, and it suits with the all type of
learners. In a nutshell, this book divided into two semester course of
programme. The first semester programme includes ‘starter’ chapter until chapter
seven, and the last semester programme includes the rest of the chapters
started from chapter 8 until chapter 15.

In the beginning chapter,
the authors of the book reviewed some of the materials from the previous
levels. It is followed by several exercises and activities to recall students’
memory about the last materials they have learnt before. Move to the chapter one
until seven, the author aims to introduce to the use of basic grammar such as: present
simple, present continuous and the use of possessive adjectives, alongside with
the phonics and several skills to develop students’ comprehension about the
materials. The skills part also designed by following the theme of story to
make students easier in comprehending the materials and master the skills. The
authors offer a numbers of examples to triggered students attention of the
materials in line with the use of media that related to each chapter.

In the last semester
programme, the focus of the grammar has been developed into: (1) countable and
uncountable nouns, (2) comparative adjectives, (3) must / mustn’t, (4) past
simple, (5)wh – questions and (6) be going to + verb. In this last semester
programme, the authors aim to develop learners’ competencies in comprehending
and practicing their English skills. Furthermore, the authors also offer some
of the materials that will be included in the next levels of the book.

On the whole, the book of Family and Friends Grade 3 Second Edition
represents a comprehensive overview of course book for grade three elementary
students. The value of this book lies in its values of concepts and programme.
It also offers amazing package of resources and values syllabus. In this
regards, it can be recommended as a valuable resources and a good starting
point to learn English for the students.