FAMILY Parents plays huge role in their children’s life,

FAMILY INFLUENCEChoosing the career path is an integral part of the life of an adult. There are various factors that affects and helps out to choose the career path. In this study the author explores a factor of parental influence. The over expectation and pressure perceived by children from the parents are found to be related with low academic interest (including stress related to studies and examination) whereas, pressure reported by parents is not. Parents from low social and economic status are found to apply more pressure on their children for studies that result in increased perception of pressure in children.(Sebastian, Thara, 1997). Parents plays a very major role in giving importance in children’s development of career and taking decision about their career and the parents thinks that their children want to be get success and be happy in life. Some of the key influencers are: i)The expectations parents have for their children’s education and career.ii)The example they set for their children.iii)The values they show to their family, friends and to society.iv)The opportunities they offer their children to learn and develop.v)The kind of parent-child relationship they develop.When talking about the family the person would be coming our mind is parents that is father and mother. As we discussed above the parental influence is the major factor, the next important factor is the living environment. The leading determining factor on students of achievement is living environment that is home. Whether the parents are educated or not, how much reading material is available, what the parents think about their children’s education, how much of time the parents spending time with their children is also plays a vital role, and how steady the household is. Whatever the living environment the family is good enough they can create the ‘favors learning’.(papalia and sally, 1985 : 331, New Delhi ) Parents plays huge role in their children’s life, but the mother is the one that teaches daily after they comes from the school from the childhood, so the experience of mother and how she is familiar with the present educational system and teaching pattern is important and the author indicates that more educated mother in the school career of the child may be more effective. In the same way the earlier study discussed the how strong the mothers involvement in managing the career of the school child.(Baker & Stevenson, 1986.)  CAREER CHOICE In this study the author explores, the over expectation makes the children deviates from their goal and the chances to getting failed in their life. The utmost expectation by the parents from their children is getting success is life. The parental anticipation regarding educational endeavor, academic achievement, and career goal success. Respondents consistently recalled parents pushing them to earn outstanding grades as opposed to being content with average grades. Anticipation of academic achievement affected the perception of the children’s future goal. (Hairston, 2000). Parents want their children to be successful in life. Parent’s never like to see their children to be working in poor or dead-end jobs and that may be saddening for them. In this study the author describes the family such as father, mother, siblings and other guardians plays a major role to give a better idea for their occupational interests and career development. (Taylor, Harris, & Taylor. 2004) There are several factors that influence the children to take career decisions. In this study the author explains, the students are more adaptive(fit enough to different situations) than other students when they decide what to do in life and it’s termed as “decided & undecided” adolescents. It also determined that more of internal focus of control, decision making processes and lesser tendency to procrastinate and consulting frequently with others characterized the ‘decided’ set of students. While willingness to compromise was not adaptive for decision making, high levels of aspiration were seen more adaptive to the decision-making process (Gadassi, R., Gati, I., & Dayan, A. 2012) The career choice for the students entering into the professional education is critical having high impact on their professional life and future achievement. The author explains, if the student doesn’t perceive the knowledge about the subject and it leads to waste of human efforts and wrong path in life.(Kazi Afaq Ahmed, Nimra Sharif and Nawaz Ahmad, 2017)  Factor influencing career choices EMOTION, PERSONALITY, BEHAVIOR This study finds the influence of environment, opportunity and personality factors on the career choices of high school students. Adolescents use the personality as the highest determining factors for their career. Male students were more influenced than females.(Ohanaka, I.B Aihie, O.N, 2010) The association between family poverty and children’s emotional(internalizing) and behavioral(externalizing) problems is well- established.(Hackman, Farah and Meany, 2010) The author explores the three different aspects in this article, trust, behavior and the outcomes in the school. Being trusted student in school makes an good outcome? Behavior of student in school is influenced by trust? School size and student socioeconomic status preceding of trust? Plays a big role.(Lisa S. Romero, 2015)