Factors reasons. It also explains major reasons behind them.



Factors that pushed and led to the rise of capitalism stared to appear
in numerous different places in the world especially Europe. In the book ”
Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy ” 
chapter no 3, it mentions that his increase in capitalism was most
prominent in Europe for contingent historical reasons. It also explains major
reasons behind them. In my opinion, it was not European values that cause this
increment in capitalism, but rather a capitalism that formed what we think of
as European values.  It arises as a
product of the growth and development of the forces, power, and relations of
production and creation on an international scale rather than because of some
exceptional European events or occurrence. The capitalist system is the most
dynamic and creative way of production in the history of mankind. In the space
of a few centuries, the globe has been altered beyond all acknowledgment and recognition.
It would seem that the material troubles of survival have lastly been resolved.
Average life expectancies have definitely increased a lot and even
Technological innovations took place at a speed that would have been beforehand
unbelievable. More food, clothing, and technology can be created using less
labor than ever in the past. But capitalism is definitely a system at odds with
itself. The need for constant accumulation is the driving strength of people,
determining where and in what way human power will be used. Instead of mankind
controlling the fulfillment of its own growth, humanity is at the mercy of an
economic system which it has itself created. 
Enough food could be produced to feed all of the world’s population
those in necessitate of it don’t  have
the resources to pay for it. Industry pollutants causing harm to the
environment when less harmful ways of production can easily be utilized but
everyone wants more profit. In other words, capitalist accumulation pretty much
depends on the exploitation of the wage laborer. The rise of capitalism is thus
explained in terms of the rise to the importance of the most productive,
rational, and progressive social crowd, merchants and producer. Not only that
but classical political market or economy is 
seen as an intellectual mirror image of the ascendance of merchants and
producers and as a hypothetical explanation of their interests and actions.