Factors be defined as the ” situation where an

Affecting the Tardiness and Absenteeism of College Students of MSU, GSC

By: Jackelyn

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” As cited by Nakpodia and
Daflagor (2011), Lateness can be defined as the ” situation where an individual
arrives after the proper, scheduled or usual time.

Absenteeism is an alarming problem to all. It may
indicate low performance of teacher and students. Parents are financially
burdened for having their children to stay longer in school, having to
re-enroll them in subjects they fail due to excessive absences.

The purpose of this study is to pinpoint the factors that
contribute to the tardiness and absenteeism of the said students. Reasons for
being late in class and other factors affecting the punctuality of a student
vary. There had been some theories that pointed out that tardiness is caused by
the personality of a person. Santillano ( 2010) stated that psychological
theorists considered some “personality traits, including low self-esteem and
anxiety” as triggering factors of tardiness. Other experts also believed that
some people are “chronically tardy” for the reason that they consciously and
unconsciously get good things from it.

A certain study has cited some factors when students were
asked to indicate the extent to which each reason accounted for their absences
during the quarter. This includes (1) negative perceptions of the professor and
the course (2) irresponsible pursuit of leisure (3) low attendance incentives
(4) financial problems.

I am looking forward that through the pursuit of this
study, we will be able to point out  and
prove the factors affecting the students’ absenteeism and tardiness. This also
aims that by giving attention to this problem we can lessen the frequency or
occurrence of the phenomena. This is because tardiness and absenteeism is not
just a simple problem. Tardiness among students has its own negative
repercussions. Not only the late students are affected but also the people that
surrounds them. A student coming late in class distracts the rest of the
students and disrupts the flow of the teacher’s discussion. It is even a burden
to the student/s whom the late student asks for what to catch up with. But with
respect to the individual responsible, it is also important to make it clear
that it also affects their parents expectations to them. And aside from that,
this attitude might become their hobbit and might be practiced even in their
working place later on.

If these factors are true to the students of MSU, this
study might help the admin resolve the extent of absenteeism and tardiness. But
personally, I also wanted that I can be of great help to my friends that
undergoes this activity and also for myself guilty as charge.