Factor: not be consistent.Example:If the task of identifying the

Factor: AccuracyConventional Computing: Accuracy of the work done is high in Conventional computing. It is so because it follows set of algorithms which is fixed. This can be understood by the example of calculator. Every time the user input numbers for calculation, the accuracy of the result is prominent.Intelligent Computing:Accuracy of the work done may or may not be high all the time.This is because the intelligent computing does not follow set of instructions which is fixed. Intelligent computing has to make decision based on the given circumstances and the constraint. So,it is possible sometimes it may solve the problem and sometime may not.Example:Finding likely combination of food item brought frequently from supermarket)Factor: ConsistencyConventional Computing:Talking about consistency, conventional computing is right in top.It deals with problem whose solution is already defined.So,everytime it come up with the set of solution whose way of solving the problem is similar.Example:Traditional calculatorIntelligent Computing:Consistency in Intelligent computing may or may not be to satisfactorily level.As solution to a given problem depends on the machine understanding ,so in every case the solution may not be consistent.Example:If the task of identifying the source of sound is given to the machine,it may not tell the right answer in all the occasion i.e.inconsistent. Factor: Understandability,Learning ability,Reasoning,AdaptibilityConventional Computing:Conventional Computing machines are like dumb.They don’t understand,learn and hence can’t reason.Their problem solving is based on the set of instructions which are executed sequentially.It cannot adapt.Example:Traditional Calculator.Intelligent Computing:Ability to percieve,understand,learn,adapt and reason are present in Intelligent computing in abundance.They can acclimatize and solve problem which are out of box.It visualises with the help of camera,listen with speaker,speaks with mic,all with the help of learning Agent (Intelligent Sensors).Example:Natural Language Processing(NLP) application of Intelligent computing interacts with human and gives lntelligent answer.Intelligent Solution:If solution is based on understanding,learning and reasoning, which is solved by learning agent,it will be considered as intelligent (e.g. Deep Blue defeating then World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov) otherwise conventional solution which is solved by utility agent(e.g. Normal Chess game we play in  conventional Computer system).   Conclusion:To be in safer side,use of Conventional Computing is wise because it guarantees the solution of the problem which is in accordance with the predefined algorithm  as we see in the case of Calculation of total marks of a class.But if we want to get solution of a problem which changes drastically and are out of box like predicting best company to invest in share market in short duration as a minute,Intelligent computing is apt.