Facial with the upper lip position were important elements

Facial attraction can depend on multiple factors such as
skin colour and condition, the symmetry of the face, social context in which
some features are emphasized (for instance the eye contact or smile influences how
an individual is perceived in terms of attractiveness) and many other factors. Beauty
has substantial social consequences. For example, individuals who are perceived
as being attractive are also perceived as having more positive qualities, having
higher chances to be hired for jobs and paying lower bail compared to less
attractive people (Little, Jones & DeBruine, 2011).

Smile plays an important role when it comes to attraction rating,
especially the appearance of the teeth. Researchers suggested that teeth are identified
as a facial characteristic when evaluating beauty (Hofel, Lange & Jacobsen,
2007). A whitened denture was seen as a positive factor, but the attractiveness
of the smile was not significant influenced by this. However, the results of
the study conducted by Kershaw, Newton and Williams in 2008, show that the
colour of the teeth influences the attractiveness of the smile when it was
assessed by the subjects. Participants were given photos illustrating either a
white denture or a coloured denture. Subjects had a preference for the photos
which had whitened teeth in the detriment of the photos with a colour denture. In
addition, the perception of the participants for other characteristics such as friendliness,
intelligence, happiness, and kindness had also improved when evaluating the white
teeth. Therefore, dental appearance may influence people’s view regarding the facial

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Similarly, in the research carried out by Geld
et al. (2007), the authors concluded that the size, visibility of the teeth together
with the upper lip position were important elements when rating smile attractiveness.
Also, the gingival display was judged negatively when this could have been seen
more than four millimetres.  The tooth
colour is one of the most significant factor in satisfaction with smile
appearance. White teeth and a minimal exposure of the gum of a person’s smile make
that person to pass on nonaggressive signals to others and to look friendlier.