Excellent rate against a target of 80%. I led

Excellent analytical abilities, coupled by strong academic
performance and a keen desire to make the most effective contribution to my
society, make me a strong candidate for a DAAD scholarship that will enable me
pursue a Master of Science in Statistical Sciences at the prestigious
Strathmore University.

My undergraduate degree is in Actuarial Science, where I
graduated  with a 2nd Class Honours,
Upper Division (2:1).  I had the
opportunity to study topics in actuarial risk, operations research, demography
and statistical programming. Knowledge is progressive and as such, I am seeking
to get an in depth  theoretical knowledge
in risk models application not only in financial markets but also in other

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I am also keen to enhance my career in big data analytics
and risk management. In addition to the mentioned, I have recently completed
an  online course training in Analytics
Edge using R and I am currently undertaking another  course; Microsoft Professional Program
Certificate in Data Science which I believe once complete will effectively
enhance my knowledge set in the aforementioned area

Securing this scholarship to study my chosen course would
provide me with the rare combination of an accelerated growth and the
flexibility to get onto a challenging career paths, be it through continuous
learning or greater responsibilities.  I
am motivated by the need to establish, sustain an improved healthcare system
and enhancing financial inclusion. With this knowledge and expertise, I hope to
ultimately engage policy makers in my country and Africa at large in designing,
implementing and monitoring financial and healthcare policies.


Having worked in a fast-paced environment for close to 4
years I’ve developed the resilience to comfortably handle rigors of the course.
My notable achievements include spearheading staff migration (Commercial Bank
of Africa) to the Current Bank’s internet banking, achieving 99% success rate
against a target of 80%. I led a team of 4 potential investors in Smart Youth
Investment challenge organized by Nairobi Securities Exchange. Our portfolio
was ranked top 10 after 3 months of the competition. Additionally,  we gained invaluable experience on the risks
and gains involved while trading at the Securities Exchange. I am
environmentally conscious individual who let a team of   50 youths for a successful clean-up exercise
in our locality in association with the council authorities.


Consequently, my internship at CIC Insurance Group gave me
an opportunity to be part of a vibrant product development team that designed
an insurance product to manage funds, 37 Million Kenya shillings for educating
227 orphans.


My target is assuming leadership roles in financial and
healthcare institutions and participation in restructuring of government departments
by ensuring that right financial decisions are made in order to maximize
government returns and ensure economic stability. By achieving this, Africa’s
cycle of perceived despondency, dependency and hopelessness will be broken by
embedding self-belief in other’s ability to achieve great things through
innovative thinking, coherent planning, efficient resource mobilization and
smart application of such resource.

The Data Science Centre established by the institute would
be really beneficial as I hope to learn advanced data mining techniques and
deploy analytics in healthcare, cybercrime and fintech fields. I wish to
contribute towards modeling of TB prevention strategies and treatment offsets
of HIV/AIDS epidemics.


Improved quality of service in healthcare, social security
and augmented financial inclusion constitutes the core desire of my
application, my heart, and my profound hope and determination.

I plan to continue the legacy of your pioneering stalwart
scholars by always performing at my best and demanding only the best from my
surroundings, promoting an atmosphere of professional excellence, ethical
practice and continuous innovation. The public sector such as local
universities and research organisations will be a good channel where I can
transfer the knowledge gained in order to nurture future generations of
educated men and women.