Evolution From single systems to integrated systems, Information systems

Evolution and trends
of Information System Infrastructure: Information systems are evolved
overtime from just tools of work to competitive tool. They served as the contributors
for growth in many companies and impacted organizations in a right way. Every
organization have their targets, objectives and strategic plans to raise their performance
by incorporating information systems in their approaches.

Internet and technologies associated has changed the way
organizations, business and people work. Management decision making levels and decisions
can be supported by Information systems. The levels are categorized as, Strategic
management, Tactical management, Operational management.

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Evolution of
Information Systems: From single systems to integrated systems, Information
systems has been evolved over the years which made life so easy and productive.
Undoubtedly, they have been the most useful tools in optimizing and improvement
of management activities. Information systems were first introduced in 1960’s.
From then, it started growing and developed to aid in account management,
invoices, keeping the records. The improved productivity, minimal costs and
safe working time has been the key factors for the evolution of Information systems.
Information systems evolved with adding new functionalities, efficiency in performing
business operations by integrating all the levels and in different streams like
logistics, manufacturing, finance, inventory, marketing and much more.


Advancement of Information systems into really efficient systems with time is
the proof of inevitable growth and development. Ecommerce, payroll systems, online
platforms to sell both goods and services and many more have been widely spread
across. We may see some new trends in near future like data warehousing,
product lifecycle management and balanced scorecard. Present system functionalities
will be improved with time. Bigdata, Cloud computing in the latest era of smart
phones, tablets and social media shows the rapid growth of wireless network



Conclusion: Organizations,
Management systems have embraced Information systems as they are more efficient
in performing business activities. Analyzing the content from two pages clearly
represents the level of management and organization plays a key role in adapting
information systems and growth of the program. Present world has adapted the system
to achieve a competitive advantage in their fields of work. Organizations and
society has benefited a lot from the evolution of information systems from past
few years.