Every however if the concern cannot be handled internally

Every business or organisation must
follow procedures when legal, regulatory or ethical concerns are raised. Any concerns
raised must be investigated as soon as possible and dealt with promptly, because
issues that aren’t resolved could seriously damage the business. Every business
will have procedures in place to raise and deal with these concerns the best
way possible.


At Flightcase Warehouse I could
raise any concerns easily with any member of staff as we are such a small
business regarding workforce. All concerns would be taken seriously and
investigated whether it be legal, regulatory or ethical. To raise concerns
personally I would go to Sam Austin or Steve Austin. Alternatively, I would
speak to Kerri Austin or Jason Furneaux. I am confident that any concern raised
would be taken seriously and investigated fully.

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When raising a concern, a
business will encourage the person to be open about what they are concerned about
whether it be legal, regulatory or ethical, but it will also be dealt with discreetly.
The issue should initially be raised with a line manager who will treat the
concern fairly. If the line manager can deal with the issue internally then the
concern will be dealt with straight away, however if the concern cannot be handled
internally police or other bodies may have to get involved.


An example of a legal concern could
be contracts. Contracts can often be disputed and can cause issues within a
business between employers and employees as well as businesses to other
businesses and businesses to customers. A simple misunderstanding if not handled
correctly can cause big issues for a business.


There are many regulations that businesses
must legally follow, for example all acts put in place by the government must
be followed. A business can be prosecuted if the Data Protection Act is not
followed as well as being ordered to pay fines or in some cases the business
will be investigated more thoroughly.


Ethical procedures are equally
as important, and the Human Rights Act takes into consideration different
ethical backgrounds and the right for people to have personal opinions and
beliefs and protects against discrimination.