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Ever since I was a child, I’ve been fascinated by people who have refused to follow the beaten path and carved a niche for themselves by daring to dream and taking calculated risks. I firmly agree with Mark Zuckerberg’s famous utterances that “The biggest risk is not taking any risk”. I too believe that one cannot achieve success if one doesn’t have the courage to take risks and is scared of failure. Since I aim become an entrepreneur and start my own business, I strongly feel that enrolling for the undergraduate Business Management Program at a reputed university in the U.K. will lay a strong foundation for me to pursue my dreams in future. This program is of International repute wherein the curriculum will be challenging and rigorous which will help in honing my business management skills and stand out in the crowd once I graduate from any of the university. Since these programs cover all aspects of business management such as Marketing, Finance, Human Resource etc, I will learn about how different departments in a business need to be synchronized to make it a successful enterprise. Furthermore, UK universities attract the best talent pool from students all over the world, therefore I’ll be pitted against some of the best performers and this healthy competition will help me do better in my chosen field. I have studied Business Management and Economics in IGCSE and am now studying both these subjects at the Higher Level in IBDP. Before IGCSE, I had never studied Business Management or Economics but my knack for taking up challenges and to learn something new made me opt for these subjects. Coping up with the curriculum has been challenging but it has also been enriching at the same time. Not having a background in these subjects made me start slow but I’ve been able to cover ground with my hard work and dedication and I was conferred the “Most Improved Student Award” in Economics for my efforts. With a view to consolidate my business concepts, I had set up a food stall in our school during the PTM last year wherein I had to do effective promotion of my stall to attract customers and handle finances. Also, I had to focus on methods to cut costs to generate maximum profits which were donated to an old age home in Mumbai. Additionally, I’ve produced a one minute public service advertisement on the ill effects of cyberbullying on young minds which generated positive response. Moreover,I, along with a few of my classmates have initiated a community service project called “Save the K9’s” through which several events have been held at our school to raise funds towards the welfare of stray dogs in Mumbai. I handled the accounts and publicity departments of this project wherein I prepared the balance sheet for the entire project. Also, I participated in a calendar sale in our school fest wherein we did not have a stall but had to use the concept of door to door selling. This was challenging as we had to carry the calendars ourselves throughout the event and meet every individual personally to try and make a sale by informing them about our project. Successful execution of this project gave me an insight into effective marketing techniques to meet customer expectations. I have also actively participated in a film festival held in our school wherein I handled complete finances of the event and negotiated prices with the vendors which enabled me practice some of the skills that I’ve learnt in our business class. Additionally, I contributed in the publicity of the event and also sold tickets to generate revenue and meet the expenses.I find the rich culture of UK fascinating and would love to experience the diverse life of UK to understand its pluralism and acceptance of people from varied ethnicity and backgrounds without discriminating.I firmly believe that the time spent by me studying in UK will not only broaden my horizons, but will also help me in becoming more self reliant and a responsible citizen of the society.