Ever provide for his younger siblings. Unfortunately, he was

 Ever since I was little I remember my
parents saying to me “education is the best heritage we can leave you with”. At
first, I didn’t understand what they meant and thought that they were just
saying that in hopes to persuade me to like school, but over the years I have
come to understand the value of an education. Both of my parents grew up in
small towns in Mexico, and both grew up in big families. My dad is the third of
thirteen children and as one of the older ones, he had to help provide for his
younger siblings. Unfortunately, he was not able to attend school as he had to
work from a young age. Similarly, my mom grew up with 10 siblings although she
was the youngest. However, my mom did attend middle school but dropped out the
first year because she also had to help my grandmother with the house responsibilities.
Because of their experience and the hardships they had to overcome because of
this, they have instilled in me the importance of having an education.

            Not only has this made me work
harder, but also made me more appreciative of them and their support. With
their encouragement and support, I have been able to continue my studies even
though money has always been tight. Throughout high school, I participated in a
nonprofit organization called Family, Career and Community Leaders of America
(FCCLA) where I received a graduation cord for successfully completing 180
hours of community service. I also received “A” honor roll my junior year at
Smithson Valley High School. As for my university career, I attended the
University of Texas at San Antonio for two years before transferring to the
University of the Incarnate Word to pursue a bachelor in Fashion Management. At
the University of Texas at San Antonio, I was awarded the recognition of
President’s List for achieving scholastic distinction with a grade point
average of 4.0 during the spring 2016 semester. Similarly, for the fall 2016
semester, I was awarded the Dean’s List for accomplishing a grade point average
of 3.75. My goal following graduation is to become a fashion buyer and eventually
open up my own clothing store.

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            These accomplishments have been
attained through perseverance, dedication, and my family’s sacrifices that have
allowed me to get this far in my collegiate studies.Though I’m in need of
financial assistance, I will continue to give the best of me to reach this goal
of mine and my parents. If I’m selected as one of the recipients of this
scholarship, I will continue to work hard as I have throughout my academic
journey. This scholarship will allow me to continue excelling myself,
motivating me, and getting me closer to my goal. I will represent your
organization well throughout my years in college and further after.


you in advance for your consideration.