Eugenides which was written in the year 1993. It

third novel was The Marriage Plot
which was published in the year 2011 by Farrar, Straus, Giroux publishers. After
a gap of nine years, Eugenides published his third novel. This novel received Salon
Book Award in 2011. It was also finalized and long listed for National Book
Critics Circle Award in 2013 and International Dublin Literary Award and
Fitzgerald Prize in 2013.  It talks about
the identity of Americans and the struggle and difficulties of upcoming the age
of adolescence.  The novel deals with the
triangle love of the three young adults who got graduated in Brown University.
Being a girl as well as a beautiful girl, Madeleine Hanna was given higher
space in the novel when compared with others. Leonard Bankhead is a science
student who struggles with clinical bipolarity. Between the second and the
third novel, Eugenides devoted himself in editing an anthology of love stories, My Mistress Sparrow is dead: Great love stories from Chekhov to Munro”.
It was published in 2008 by Harper Lee Publishers. Eugenides next literary
project is a book of short stories which is mixed up with many number of short
stories. It doesn’t deal with any particular theme which was titled as Fresh Complaint. He does not have any
arrangements or ideas but it is said to be quite different from the structure
of The Marriage Plot.  

Virgin Suicide is the debut novel which was written in the year 1993. It has
been translated into 34 languages. This novel has also been directed by Sofia
Coppola as a film in 1999. The first chapter of this novel has been  published in a magazine ‘The Paris Review’,
which was written by George Plimpton. This novel ends in success and Eugenides
was marked to be the best young novelists of America. The novel begins and ends
with the suicide of lisbon girls which took place in Michigan during 1970s. This
novel was written in first person plural. It was narrated by the neighbourhood
boys who resides near Mr. Lisbon’s house. Eugenides portrays the character of
the mother to be a strict and a rude women. She feels that she is protecting
the child and finally became over protective. The girls father Mr.Lisbon is a
math teacher and mother is a homemaker where they are catholic people.  Mrs.lisbon can also be assumed to be reason
of suicide of the girls because of her 
vague behaviour to  the children.  She wasn’t a friendly mother. The girls age
was sketched up with the period of adolescence. The novel shows the struggle of
succeeding and upcoming the travel in the adolescence period whereas these
five  girls failed in by  the aspect of committing suicide. This brings
out how the girls have been affected psychologically in order to dare in the
conflicts. They were not ready to in fight within themselves to overcome the
conflict by making their lives towards a positive approach.

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