Ethics themselves more in positive manner. Ethics should be

class is no more than a place to provide students with a social license to
discuss topics or subject matters they wouldn’t have otherwise been able to discuss
in other settings. We need people to stand up for their rights and principles,
believe in themselves and have a strong moral compass. Creating a positive
moral and ethical environment and ethical culture in the classroom will allow
students to feel accepted, make their opinion and ideas feel welcomes, and in
essence this will create an environment conducive to personal growth.

 Remember that life lessons occur daily, so
help students link real life events and situations to the classroom lesson. No
one wants to learn strictly from a textbook. It’s unrealistic and honestly it’s
boring. In how many real life situations are students going to link the
teachings of Socrates and Aristotle to?

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the “I’m right and you’re wrong” feel in the classroom will also create a more
positive classroom environment. Grading a student based on their responses on
opinion based questions is questionable. No two students thought process works
the same; no two student’s moral compass is the same. Each person’s moral code
is different and may not actually be legally sound, but according to the
person’s values, it is moral. Instead of a traditional letter grade based on a
numbers system, students should receive a passing grade or a failing grade.
Proponents of the Pass/Fail grading system believe that it takes the pressure
off students to express themselves more in positive manner.

should be a requirement for all programs of study. Business focused schools
should use examples of ethical practices and decision making throughout the
curriculum, not just in the ethics class. The more you learn about ethical
behavior, the more likely you are to think twice when facing difficult
situations. If ethic practices can be embedded in more classes, it can and will
lead to the culture of integrity that will follow student into their lives and