Especially, if he or she already affected by tuberculosis

Especially, tuberculosis is one type of the infectious
diseases that can spread in the air and infect one person to another through the
respiration, everyone has to test the tuberculosis test to know if he or she already
affected by tuberculosis or not. The medical person injects a small amount of
liquid which is called tuberculin into the under of people’s arm. During
injected, there is a small pale scar appeared shows the tuberculin is already
transmitted into the body. Any people who have the tuberculosis test has to
return to the healthcare or hospital in order to let the healthcare worker take
a ruler to check for the length of the pale scar. It determines the scale for
the result of a positive and negative skin test. The positive skin test
demonstrates that person is completely infected with tuberculosis bacteria, and
he or she has to do more additional tests because tuberculosis has two types
which are TB disease and latent TB infection. Therefore, if
the patients are affected by the tuberculosis bacteria, there is a BCG known as
Bacillus Calmette-Guerin is a vaccine for tuberculosis can create active
immunity fight against this disease. It’s only used for cases of tuberculosis
disease because it creates a high amount of TB prevent against meningitis and
military that relies upon childhood.