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eople are injured or killed by firearms in America.  It is a very sad situation that needs to be changed in the future.  Nobody should have the right to injure an innocent person.  Most firearm owners say a gun is needed to fulfill their freedom.  The media is bombarded with headlines when a mass shooting happens, but no one really does anything about it once it is over.  The desperate need to do something about this is obvious.   Mass shootings in the United States have unfortunately become a trend that seems to be increasing annually. There are young individuals that are motivated by other mass shooters.   Some think having a gun will solve their problem when it actually might create the problem.   Many people in the U.S. would assume that every kid who gets picked on is going to go to school one day and start shooting at his classmates.  This is hardly the case.  Many times mass shooters have a condition that triggers them to shoot.  Mental illnesses like depression often trigger for mass shooters. One of the most notorious school massacres was at Columbine High School. It was in 1999 when two students murdered twelve students, one teacher, and then committed suicide.   Eric Harris, a student at Columbine High School, not only shot up his high school but also murdered his parents. These students strike fear into their parents every morning when they send them off to school. “The National Commission on Child Abuse and Neglect report that 2,000 to 3,000 children are murdered annually by their parents, opposed to approximately two-dozen children murdered in schools” (Utter, 187). “The Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice report that the likelihood of a child dying in a school-related incident is actually one in two million.” (Cook, 1).  “However, the likelihood of a child being murdered as a result of a school-associated violent incident is less than one in one million, and less than one percent of children murdered in 1992 and 1993 were killed on school property” (Utter, 187).         While people are believing that school shootings are happening more often, various types of school violence also seem to be increasing. This isn’t true. The United States Departments of Education and Justice did a survey of students in 1989 and 1995. “It was reported that the students only felt a .1% increase in the total level of victimization” (Utter 188). “As a matter of fact, only one in ten public schools report any sort of violence at all” (Utter, 189). The reasons behind the rare violent outbursts of children remain some sort of a mystery.  it is easy for kids today to get wrapped up in violence. It is easy to say one cannot kill a person, or one will always use a gun only when needed. But when alcohol, drugs, or mental instability, or fury takes over, the lines between right and wrong fade. People forget their oath. They forget they have neighbors who have done nothing wrong to them. All they think about is the need to fire a gun.  Many people in America feel threatened because they Owning a gun is a huge responsibility. It takes more than discipline to convince people that you would not use them for anything else other than self-defense. Those teenagers who massacred half a school used to be sons and daughters. They were not violent. They were the safe kind, and probably those who promised their parents they would not touch any weapon. But then again, tables turn when you least expect it. America has recently witnessed a number of shooting and incidents in schools, malls, and churches. The culprits were either detained or killed. Some took their own lives before the police could even respond to the scene. In the end, America keeps losing children, teachers, brothers, and sisters. The population is decreased, but the problem persists. With all these shooting sprees happening, is gun control what we really need? Or is there a more serious problem we are facing here? Studies show that 31% of mass shootings happen in the United States. This isn’t surprising, considering guns have not been banned in many states.  There are politicians in America who support stronger gun control, such as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Both of them thought of Australia as the model for stringent gun laws. The intention is good, but the question is, why hasn’t the US government ultimately implemented gun control?  changes in laws regarding firearms and who carries them and why. Many people argue that they need firearms because they use it for self-defense. They acquire a license for it, and as such, they are expected to use their weapons only when the need arises. Burglars, hostage attacks, and other forms of violence require people to stand up and fight, preferably with their weapon of choice. Life is precious, they say, and they can only protect their lives if they have the proper equipment. It is interesting to note, however, that despite this rather smart take on gun use, there are people who go beyond the set perimeters.  I think that only people who have a license to own and carry a firearm should be able to attain one.  The youngest age to purchase a gun in the U.S. is 18 years old.  I think this is too you and should be 21.  18 is the age most teens are just graduating from college.  In my opinion, 18-year-olds in college shouldn’t own guns. The reason people own guns that they shouldn’t is that the current law allows it.  Many people are obtaining firearms that don’t have the right intentions with them.  Laws should be passed that make it harder to get access to guns with a large killing capacity.  There are loopholes in the background check system that allow people with criminal records or mental health issues to possible get a gun.  Guns purchased over the internet or from private individuals aren’t subject to a background check because neither are licensed sellers.  To solve this problem, a law needs to be placed that requires every person involved in a transaction with firearms to pass.  The government should try to find ways to stop these illegal transactions.  Only citizens with a permit and license should be able to purchase a firearm.  Nobody with a criminal background or mental health issue should be able to purchase a firearm.  Every citizen who purchases a firearm must go through training so they know how to use their weapon properly.  The only reason a citizen should have a gun in the U.S. is for self-protection.  It is only fair to be able to protect yourself when in danger.  The government should pass a law that only allows citizens to purchase pistols.  Assault rifles and shotguns aren’t necessary.  If a citizen wants to own assault rifles and shotguns for hunting, they should be required to get a hunter’s permit.  The solution is not to ban guns, but to limit them being in the hands of the wrong people.  Humans are very impulsive and irrational by nature and sometimes we can do things that we’ll regret later on.  There are four laws that could help prevent the rate of mass shootings in the U.S.  The first law is to require a permit to purchase a weapon.  Buyers are only required to get background checks when dealing with licensed sellers. An effective solution would be to require people to go in-person and apply, at local law enforcement agencies for gun purchase permits.  The second is to ban individuals convicted of a violent crime from purchasing guns.  Individuals who have a history of violent acts shouldn’t be able to purchase guns.  The third is to make all domestic violence offenders surrender all guns.  Often times guns aren’t taken away from criminals.  This allows criminals to still own these guns when they get out of jail.  It would help to have a law that requires law enforcement to relinquish all firearms to criminals when arrested.  Keeping people prone to domestic violence would prevent many massacres.  The fourth ban is to ban active alcohol users from owning firearms.  Federal law prohibits people who are addicted to using controlled substances from owning guns. Recent data suggest some nine million U.S. firearm owners also binge drink, which is a specific medical problem involving abuse of the substance alcohol. Based on these data, Daniel Webster, director of Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health’s Center for Gun Policy and Research, proposes a temporary ban on gun possession among individuals who have had, in the past five years, two or more convictions for DUI or another crime that indicates alcohol abuse. “There’s just no question that alcohol abuse is a risk factor for future violence in the general population, and it’s specifically a risk factor for future firearm violence,” he says.  Evidence shows that more strict firearm laws could make a significant dent in U.S. gun violence if implemented in every state. These four laws could reduce the death toll from mass shootings. Given the track record of U.S. Congress and many state governments, it’s unclear whether our country has the political will to make these changes.  Is gun control the solution? Yes, the U.S. should consider reviewing the laws on gun ban in each state. No state should be different from another. No person should own a gun just for to have one. Everyone should be subject to strict rules. But more than just the rules, we should exercise discipline. Everyone should be educated on the effects of gun ban, or what could happen when a gun control law does not exist in a country. It might take some time for people to accept such law.  We can all take measures to be responsible for using guns and in convincing people to buy only when they use guns in their line of duty. We need guns to protect us, but we also need to protect our lives from ourselves.