Elvin Smallpox: cooperation, resources, and a venerable vaccine combined



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English III – Period 1

January 2018

The Eradication of Smallpox

Thesis:  Throughout millennia, smallpox has
proliferated in human populations and has decimated billions of human beings. The
history of smallpox changed course in the late modern history through the improvements
and innovations in vaccinations, leading to the eventual eradication of the

Smallpox emerged thousands of years ago
and began its propagation across the world.

A.   The
first smallpox-infected human contracted the virus from an animal.

B.    There
are strong indications that smallpox manifested in one of the first ancient
cities or river valley civilizations due to their elevated population

C.    Smallpox
traveled alongside humans through trade, exploration, and conquest.

Endeavors to vaccinate for and attain
immunity to smallpox began in the classical age but achieved very limited
success until the 18th century.

A.   The
practice of intentionally infecting, or inoculating, in order to provide resistance
to the disease began as early as the 5th century BCE.

B.    Inoculation
gained popularity throughout Europe following the vaccination of royalty.

C.    Significant
medical advancements were made by Edward Jenner with his use of cowpox.

In contemporary history, international programs
have been conducted to eradicate smallpox completely.

A.   Worldwide
efforts to exterminate the virus began in the mid 1950s.

B.    The
number of countries reporting smallpox steadily diminished until the annual
count of smallpox infections reached zero in the 1980s.

C.    Smallpox
is not yet fully extinct as there are two known contained samples of smallpox
remaining in the world.



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