Education Also, Free Primary level Education sections were implemented

is considered as one of the important factor of human life especially, for
students. It is important for developing the nation and also, education servers
the purpose for making underprivileged group educated. It helps them to get
equal treatment in the society. Education as social institute in India. It
provides opportunity for advancement and helps the weaker section of the
society to improve their status with the help of education. Caste is the one
attribute which continue from past in India society. Each society faces
stratification in education which leads to inequality of different terms
(Aikara, 2004).

is essential indices to shape one own attitude and personality. Education is
crucial for every individual to enhance one own knowledge and able to express
in proper ways.  In India, the
Untouchable were far from the Education. The idea to get education for
depressed class was like a Dream because they are deprived- socially,
economically and status wise. Education is important step toward academic
achievement. The British gave them the name of ‘Depressed Class’ and they start
recognize this group of Indian Society and had provide some privileged to them.
And great hope built within Depressed Class. It was assumed those illiterate people
are unintelligent person. So, most of higher caste people restrict the low
caste people for higher education. The presence of illiteracy in the people of
Indian society. To get the education at primary level becomes difficult for the
depressed class. They were totally denied for Education. After Independence and
Constitution of India mention in Article 341 about Scheduled Caste provisions.
There are schemes for Scheduled caste provided by Government of India. Also,
Free Primary level Education sections were implemented for weaker section of
the society.  With the help of scheme,
some scheduled class people were able to attain the Education.  The progress and growth in Education helps in
developing country like India. Education is helping individual to reconstruct
one’s own knowledge to improve condition in terms of social, political and
economic levels. 

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