Ea dream team but they need to buy coins

Ea sports always add new content to fifa whenever they launched their new DVDs, this year Ea sports add a new content which is the Journey. This new content allow the gamers to play using a character named as hunter, a rookie player that wants to be a professional player. The gamers will played hunter from the very first trial in club until he become a professional football player which are excited because the gamers could decide what teams that they want hunter play for based on the player skills. Not only that fifa has an online play feature known as the fifa ultimate team. This feature allow the players to build their dream team but they need to buy coins for buying the player or a player packs. Fut allow us to play against our friends by using its own team. Ea sports takes a very good profit from Fifa ultimate player because the gamers need to pay to get the coins, but they gamers didn’t care about the money all they care is building their dream team so they can beat their friends or someone else. Not only that Fut now become a trend after  youtubers such as KSI,…  played it.  For them playing  and every single year there will always be a fifa ultimate team, this competition will produce a new fifa pro game player. The winner of fifa tournament will get a big amount of money. That’s another reason why people are more likely to play fifa rather than pes because they can survive just by playing fifa and be a pro gamer or even just post video in youtube. Youtubers could gain many subscribers when they post a video about playing Fifa Ultimate Team, this happened because people tend to prefer playing Fifa rather than PES because of FUT ( Fifa Ultimate Team). They can construct their own team, and play a match with their friends. EA Sports provide packs that conduct of players. Youtubers could get many subscribers just because they post a video when they opening their packs of FUT.  EA Sport released some several types of tapes that may attract their customer attention such as: Standard Edition, Deluxe Edition, and Super Deluxe Edition. EA Sports knows that could take an advantages by releasing the deluxe edition and super deluxe edition, it’s include packs for the Fifa Ultimate Team. They set a different price for each tapes, thus the customers could decide which one they would buy.