During project management skills. After my placement, I have

During my first
week of university, being a woman in a classroom full of boys was very daunting
for me. But luckily, I was always surrounded by inspiring and supportive people
who have encouraged me to be who I am today. For that reason, joining the Women
in Science and Engineering (WISE) community
as well as being keen to learn and share my knowledge and experiences meant I
could also inspire female students and young people to join and study STEM subjects.
During my time at GE, I was able to organise STEM events with other interns at
the site, aiming at children aged 8 – 12 years, involving in a wide variety of
activities to do with Engineering, Software and IT, that were supported with
lessons by bringing real-world problems for them to experience and solve.

As a part-time
Student Ambassador, I work with other ambassadors to set up university events,
such as Open Days, to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere to visitors and to
guide and provide encouragement to prospective students to come to UWE, show
enthusiasm and enhance the visibility of the university. Through efficient
prioritisation, I organised my time so that I could meet university work
deadlines and achieve high grades, as well as work part-time as a student
ambassador at UWE and enjoy all aspects of university life from the curricular
to the social events.

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For my third
year, I was chosen to take part in the Association for Project Management Challenge
where I was given the opportunity to work with graduates from Airbus to manage
and deliver a project outside the academic environment to improve my project
management skills.

After my
placement, I have been given the opportunity to join the Edison Engineering
Development Graduate Scheme by GE after my graduation. However, I have been accepted to defer my entry of the graduate
scheme as I want to learn more new techniques and perspectives and integrate
into innovative solutions that will enable me to become an excellent engineer
in the future by studying a master’s degree.

My choice of
subject study and work experience have opened the door to a host of new topics
such as programming, analogue and digital circuits and other interesting
subjects. This makes me very keen to study at the Department of Engineering at
the University of Loughborough due to your reputation
for excellence in these fields. The international recognition of the
department attracts such a variety of students and I believe it will be a
stimulating environment in which to study at master’s level. The university also provides excellent working and recreation facilities for graduate
students which demonstrates your commitments to the graduate body. I hope you
will give me the privilege of continuing my studies at your esteemed institution.