Don’t to your sites There are four basic benefits

Don’t Just Depend on Google AdSense

Want to make
money while directing more traffic to your website? You might consider pay per
click advertising streams. They can direct Internet users who might want to pay
for your information or products to your site at the same time you offer
advertising space to sites your users might be interested in. Before you sign
up for the first pay per click or affiliate program you see, do your homework.

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AdSense is the most popular pay per click program out there today. It has the
benefits of being in the game for a long time and offering a great deal of
research and development into their keyword matching. But what if you have been
removed from Google AdSense or just want to branch out and try other services
as well? There are other Google AdSense alternatives out there.

Google AdSense alternatives

Another biggest
search engine on the internet is Yahoo’s Media.Net and Bing also has a pay per
click program, theirs is called Yahoo! Publisher Network. It works similarly to
Google’s AdSense program but has only recently come onto the scene. Users of
both AdSense and Publisher Network have found that, though Google is quicker to
remove an advertiser, they are still the most valuable. The Yahoo! service is
likely not far behind, though.

Other top 20 Google AdSense
alternatives to earn money (pay per click advertising stream) currently online.






MadAds Media

PropellerAds Media


Yllix Media



12.Adclick Media


14.Revenue Hits




18.Amazon Associates



They offer a
marketing service and affiliate program. Here’s how it works:

 •         You
create your website to sell your goods or information

•          You sign up for Chitika or Media.Net  or a similar marketing program

•          Other companies who sell goods or
information that compliments yours also join the marketing program

•          The program matches your
goods/information and the complimenting companies

•          You advertise their site and they
advertise yours, through a variety of marketing formats that feed directly to
your sites

There are
four basic benefits of using a streaming advertising service:

•          Intelligent, targeted recommendations
bring product and information links related to your site content to the visitor

•          Database that handles your ads
continually “learns” which ads work best for your site and changes the ads as
needed, in addition to regular ad rotation

•          You get paid when your visitors click
on the ads on your site

•          You can usually bid on the cost of
your ad appearing on other sites (at least with Google and Yahoo! programs),
allowing you to easily manage your online marketing costs

affiliate program is another Google AdSense alternative. Affiliate programs
offer similar, but not the same, website advertising. There are large affiliate
programs out there that only permit businesses with mid to high-level traffic.
There are small affiliate programs that swap a one-for-one link and let anyone
take part. New businesses should look for something in the middle.

The best
banner ads are those that are not rich with graphics. Textual link ads are the
quickest to load so they are the most effective. The cost of affiliate programs
ranges from tenths of pennies per click to monthly fees of $5 or more.

of the affiliate or pay per click program you use, it is good business practice
to run reports frequently and change the ad streams if you aren’t making money
from the ads on your site or aren’t receiving much traffic from your ads on other
sites. It is also important to change the information on your site often or
offer freebies to encourage visitors to return again and again.