Don’t aged special needs students. When I was first

                                                  Don’t Judge A Book By its Cover.There are few things that I would say, truly, have a significant impact on life. For me, one of those things has been having the opportunity to work with some of the most amazing people. Some people may look at a person with special needs and see disabilities. Some may feel nothing but sympathy, while others, through insufficient knowledge, overlook these amazing individuals completely.For the past two years, I have had the opportunity to have an internship with elementary aged & high school aged special needs students. When I was first informed of the opportunity, I was honestly afraid and made judgment that they would be mean and violent towards me as almost all people view them as. I thought through and through before making the decision to intern with special needs students. I honestly did not want to do it. The judgment I made caused me to fear these kids greatly. All my fear changed in September of 2016, I decided I was going to suck up my fear and go inside that classroom and begin this  journey. The moment I walked in they all showered me with hugs and the biggest smiles, they were just so happy and some of the sweetest souls I had ever met. My students were nothing I had thought they would be in fact, they were the complete opposite. The following year I went on to work with high-school aged student, again they were amazing. Every Tuesday and Thursday spent with them brings so much joy and happiness to my heart. Watching them have disabilities but still have some of the kindest personalities has completely changed my outlook on life. Learning patience, gratitude, and perseverance were only a few of the things I took away from my experiences. The little things like I truly believe we all could learn so much from people, especially children, with disabilities. They are probably the happiest people when they could be the most miserable. These kids have an inexplicable joy about them almost contagious. The love and affection that these kids show for me and their paraprofessionals and teachers is like no other. They constantly want you to spend time with them and give me endless hugs. I can with complete certainty say nothing has impacted me the way this group of kids have. From their laughter and their intelligence to the way their faces light over something most of us take for granted, these things will never leave my memory. These kids have truly changed my life, and they don’t even know it.                           In conclusion, Having this opportunity has taught me so much, it’s taught me to always try my best to not judge anyone & to spread love everywhere. There are people who can’t see, who can’t hear and who can’t talk. There are people who lack limbs, fingers and toes. There are people who can’t function without taking medication daily for the rest of their lives. There are people who can’t read, who can’t process thoughts and emotions, who are exceptionally sensitive to sounds and lights that are so normal for us and they are no different from the rest of us,  this experience has truly taught me to never, ever judge a book by its cover, because that book might just be a page-turner.