Donald needs to be addressed as quickly as possible

J. Trump, current President of The United States of America once said “The
concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make
U.S. manufacturing non-competitive.” By stating this, he is affirming his
belief that man-made climate change or global warming is a myth. However, global
warming is not considered a myth by,,
the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and the World
Health Organization.

Per, the 20th century’s last two decades were the
hottest in 400 years and possibly the warmest for several millennia. Per the
same source, Artic ice is said to be rapidly disappearing, and the region may
have its first completely ice-free summer by 2040 or earlier. According to, Carbon dioxide levels in the air are also at their highest in
650,000 years, which is very alarming because these harmful substances in the
air destroy the Earth’s ozone or the layer that protects the planet from harmful
radiation and UV rays released by the sun. The ozone also acts as an outside
layer of protection from harmful projectiles in outer space like meteors and
comets to hit the Earth and eventually cause a natural disaster, killing
millions of people, animals and species.

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is urgent that this global problem of climate change needs to be addressed as
quickly as possible because of the future harmful effects it brings to planet
Earth, a place we’ve been calling our home for the last 200,000 years. It would
no longer be our home if we ignore this emergency because of the continuous
destruction we bring to it which ultimately will lead to our own extinction.

interesting fact I found from is regarding permafrost.

Permafrost is the icy frozen crust of shrubs and grass found throughout the
Artic that has kept billions of tons of carbon trapped for thousands of years.

With the current status quo of glaciers melting and Artic sea ice disappearing,
it would not be long before permafrost starts to melt. Per National Geographic,
“when permafrost melts, it releases carbon dioxide and more potent methane,
making climate change worse.”

have proposed a quite radical but working solution to this problem. Global
warming has been identified and analyzed since 1990, when it was first
discovered to have changed the climate in an alarming rate. However, for two
decades, scientists and world leaders have not found a solution to this
emergency, and if this problem persists, we would be far from capable of
handling it.

proposal to stop global warming is to make all humans go back to our roots and
live in trees! We all know trees absorb carbon dioxide, a substance harmful to
both humans and planet Earth, and emit oxygen, a healthy substance for most
species on planet Earth. Deforestation has also played a major role into the
destruction of an ecosystem and climate change around the world. The main
problem with deforestation nowadays is the cutting down of trees without new
trees planted to replace them. According to, it is
estimated that within 100 years, there will be no rainforests. Imagine if there
were no rainforests, millions of species would be extinct, carbon dioxide
levels would probably be quadrupled and the amount of clean oxygen circulating
planet Earth would be very little. If we all live as people of the forest, we
would save so much natural resources, trees and a lot of ecosystems.

in trees as people of the forest can not only solve the issue of climate
change, but it could also solve the issue of the homeless people. People
currently living in the streets without a home can now live under a ‘roof’ for
free! This promotes equality among human beings while solving two major world
problems. People no longer need to cut down as much trees, yet they would be
forced to plant more trees for their shelter and by discarding houses, billions
of species would be saved from deforestation and the side effects of global

 I have realized that we were never meant to
evolved and become a different species. We have always been monkeys and nothing
else. Changing and evolving into something else that isn’t really what we are
would only lead to the destruction of ourselves and our surroundings. If only
we all lived together as one, as habitants of planet Earth and in peace, we
would never need to explore outside planet Earth. Let us all come back to where
we came from and end global warming tomorrow!