Domo access and run apps in the cloud. This

Domo is a cloud based software that integrates with multiple data sources, including spreadsheets, databases, social media and any existing cloud based software. Some examples are Google analytics, Instagram, Twitter and Google Sheets. It works for companies that are small scale up to enterprise level because it is platform friendly it is for all level of users. It is compatible with Windows, or Mac, iPad tables and mobile phones. Domo offers visibility and analysis from cash balances and top selling product lines to forecast revenue by region, marketing return on investments. Their report builders, has a short learning curve, but are very powerful for building charts and other high-level type reports. The charts are attractive and there is also a slideshow function that you can use to put your charts up on a public monitor in your workspace. Domo also offers interactive tools and instant access to company data. Everything you need in neatly in cloud, ready when you are. Reports can be exported into power point presentations and then sent throughout the company. Allowing users to stream line reporting and transform data and share data easily.Halo is an end to end supply chain management and business platform that helps in business planning and forecasting inventory. The system uses data from all sources, big, small and in between to form a collective view of all business information. Combining BI data and analytics with social platform companies can use data to spark dialogue between employees to generate ideas and help with business decisions. It allows users to develop, access and run apps in the cloud. This system is suitable for mid-size companies, like manufacturing and distribution.Sisense is a business intelligence platform that lets users join, analyze, and picture out information they require to make better and more intelligent business decisions and craft out workable plans and strategies. With Sisense, users can unify all the data they ever need and want into visually appealing dashboards by a drag and drop user interface. Sisense basically allowsusers to turn data into highly valuable insights and then share them with colleagues, business partners, and clients through interactive dashboards. The Sisense innovative In-Chip lets you ask any question and get immediate answers without going back to the drawing board for each new queryThe app’s takes you from data integration to visualization with a single BI solution, eliminating the need to use additional tools.Comparing platforms of the three Sisense is the only one that works with windows. All three programs are cloud base. Domo has iOS and no android access. Halo has no mobile access. Sisense has both iOS and android access. With the support Domo is the only one that has 24/7 live reps. Domo and Sisense have the online support. They all three have live online, webinars, and documentation training. Domo and Halo also have in person training.