Domestic Violence: Constructing a Strong Argument

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Domestic Violence: Constructing a Strong Argument

Pathos, domestic violence is extremely sad, I have to touch the feelings of the people I would try make them think how they going to feel if they are in this situation or if a member of his family have a domestic violence problem how they going feel. What hurts more is to see children suffering domestic violence, but deed to be careful how show that because it can hurt people’s feelings.

Logos, reasoning with other people sometimes it’s not easy and if I try to reasoning about domestic violence, it’s going to be more hard because for some people domestic violence is still a taboo I need to reach them by images of the consequences of violence perhaps informative videos and Use the high statistics we have in all the country. Domestic violence is a problem that affects all of us in different ways. Its not easy to prove this and make people understand this either.

It doesn’t matter that this is a global problem they are people out there that don’t talk about this they live in total negation. Domestic violence not only affects the survivor, but the survivor’s children, the person who is abusive, the health care system, the criminal justice system, businesses, families and friends of the survivor and the abuser, and society. In the United States, increased medical care, mental health services, criminal justice intervention, and business losses may be estimated in the lions of dollars each year.

Society pays an additional cost of loss of a sense Of safety at home, in the workplace, in schools, and on the street. People who are abusive destroy families, which leads to a decentralization of society. Like say domestic violence affect all of us. There a lot of fallacies about domestic violence like all men are abuser or domestic violence victims are only women, and we know that’s not true. Now in this time we live men are victims of domestic violence too.


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