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Digital Media HR

Digital media is an emerging, rapidly evolving, vibrant, diverse, and creative industry. Digital media companies are the creators, enablers and aggressors of digital platforms like TV, computers, cell phones and other portable devices. The HER strategic plan should also consider the external environment such as the labor market, competition in the industry, and future of technology in the industry, client expectations, and labor mobility before implementation of HER practices.

The digital media industry is new and innovative with some unique HER requirements and thus the HER Manager should also be innovative with the techniques that he/she implements. Typically, a digital media company needs to keep their HER strategies flexible in order to react effectively and efficiently in the turbulent business environment. Companies should also measure talent investments on a regular basis, which include costs in recruitment, salaries, benefits, relocation expenses, training and career development, etc.

The effective use of HER metrics presents an opportunity for companies to assess the returns on their investments in human resources. HER Reviews, scans, and metrics can be used as a mechanism to strengthen the company’s market competitiveness. To attract talent it helps to be well known, an employer of choice, and to offer an environment such that candidates will be drawn to the organization, the

HER along with the management should design creative job postings that lend credibility to their “innovative” culture and effectively appeals to the desired future workforce. Tapping into the creative nature of the industry to develop these promotional strategies and exploring non-traditional sources of attracting labor could be effective recruiting strategies. These are a few changes that as an HER manager can bring about with support from the management.


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