Did this cold whether in Florida, are the sea

Did you know that humans are not the only ones being affected by this  cold weather? Recently Florida has had a pretty crazy winter season this year. Florida averages to about 85 degrees, if not hotter. Lately that has not been the case. This year Florida got to some of the coldest whether it has had. Temperatures were dropping down to the low 30’s. The most common animals that are being affected by this cold whether in Florida, are the sea turtles and Manatees. Manateens are crowding in canals to try and stay warm. While the Sea Turtles are fighting for their lives. Unlike a lot of the other animals in the sea, Sea turtles can not generate enough body heat to keep themselves warm. That is why they live in Florida where is is supposedly warm year round. When sea turtles are in whether colder than 50 degrees they are what is called cold-stunned. Meaning they pretty much too cold to do anything. They just float around, while slowly dying. Luckily scientist (idk what else to call them) are going round trying to rescue as many sea turtles as possible. As of right now they have several sea turtles in small kiddy pools filled with warm water. Some have been so cold-stunned, that they are completely stunned and can no longer open their eyes. Manatees have also been highly affected by this sudden cold whether. Manateens a lot like turtles, need warm whether to survive. Therefore due to this cold whether, manateens are also having a hard time finding warmth to stay alive. Although they have thought of a pretty smart idea. They manateens have swam to the small canals where they all huddle together to stay warm. We have also learned that they huddle by these pretty incredible plants, called Power Plants. A Power Plant is a plant that produces electricity. I think that people should continue to help the Sea Turtles, and keep a close eye on the Manateens. THE END !http://myfwc.com/research/wildlife/sea-turtles/mortality/about/http://www.wtsp.com/life/animals/cold-weather-impacting-florida-sea-turtles-and-manatees/504910428https://defenders.org/florida-manatee/threats