Did them breathing in the toxic chemicals that are

Did anyone ever notice that people
aren’t allowed to smoke in public indoor places anymore? More and more people
are getting the message that smoking is making a big impact on our economy and
realizing that the people who do smoke need to stop. Tobacco use is a global
problem for young people and adults. Tobacco use causes serious health issues
and makes a big impact on not only the person using the cigarettes, but also
the people that are around them breathing in the toxic chemicals that are in
the smoke. Many people are aware that smoking cigarettes kills people all over
the world every day. 1,300 people each day to be exact. Cigarette smoking is also responsible for more than 480,000 deaths per year in the United
States, including more than 41,000 deaths resulting from secondhand smoke
exposure (CDC).

            Everyone knows
by now that cigarettes are proven and statistically shown to be harmful and
dangerous on the body and also that cigarette
smoking is the leading preventable cause of death in the United States. Other
than death, smoking can cause wheezing, an increase in sickness or colds,
coughing, asthma, pneumonia, lung cancer, bad breath, cellulite, wrinkles, dull
skin, stained teeth, lip, throat, tongue, and voice box cancer, stomach cancer,
cervical cancer, and countless other things that no one wants. Not to mention
all of the seven thousand plus disgusting and harmful ingredients that are used
in the manufacturing of cigarettes like tar, ambergris, which is also known as
whale dung, ammonia, arsenic, butane, polonium, rat poisoning, and many more.

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            Studies show that even the smallest
exposure to cigarettes instantly harms the body and leads to serious health
issues and death. Inhaling second hand smoke can also cause cancer in non-smokers even if
they are only around the smoke. Interaction with secondhand
smoke can also cause heart disease and can cause destructive things on the
blood and blood vessels, increasing the likelihood of a heart attack. Even
though many states have made laws against smoking in specific areas, millions
of people still breathe in second hand smoke and studies show that banning
smoking in public places will improve worker and customer health and overall
help the community.

            Not only will
cigarettes damage your body and your well being, they will also damage your
bank account. Millions of people around the world spend thousands of dollars on
cigarettes each year. Cigarettes may not be that expensive but many people fail
to realize that it adds
up over time making people spend an outrageous amount of money on something
that is only killing you. According to “VAPING DAILY,” “Each year, a person who
smokes one pack per day will spend $2,011 on cigarettes alone. If you smoke 2
or 3 packs a day, in a year you will lose $4,022 and $6,033 on cigarettes,
respectively” (Vaping Daily). And don’t forget that cigarettes’ cost varies in
different states so people could be spending even MORE money on cigarettes per

            Smoking cigarettes also affects your
state of mind. Cigarettes change the way your brain works and only takes about
8 seconds for the nicotine to reach your brain. Studies show that teens who
smoke are more likely to have depression and anxiety and are at a higher risk
for panic attacks. Cigarettes can affect people’s mood without them even
realizing it. The more nicotine that goes into the body the more the body needs
to feel normal. This is why smokers seem angry and irritable causing them to
say or do harmful things to themselves and to others around them which could
damage relationships with friends, family, or close ones.

When people smoke they are not only
damaging their mental abilities but they are also damaging their physical
abilities. Smoking can affect your athletic performance in more ways than
people think. The nicotine and carbon monoxide from smoking can make blood
“sticky” and can make arteries turn out to be narrow. Narrow arteries lessen
the stream of blood to the muscles, heart, and other body organs, making exercise
even more difficult. During physical activity, blood flow helps increase oxygen
supply to the muscles. If the muscles don’t get oxygen fast enough, the body
can’t work as well. People are able to exercise better when their lung capability
is healthy and their lungs work right. Smoking damages lung capacity. The tar
in cigarette smoke covers the lungs and makes the air sacs less flexible.
Smoking also harvests phlegm that may make the lungs blocked. Smoking even a
few cigarettes a day can lessen the body’s capability to get oxygen efficiently.

Cigarette smoking of young people
and adults has outrageous health consequences and is something that can change
the way people live for the rest of their lives. It is absolutely necessary for
more smokers and non-smokers to be educated on the dangers and harmful effects
of smoking. Smoking is an awful addiction and the sooner it gets banned for
good the sooner more and more people will start becoming healthier and happier.