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Did you know studies have shown links between untreated hearing loss and health issues like heart disease, chronic kidney disease, and diabetes? Science has also revealed that living with untreated hearing loss increases the chances to develop a psychological issue such as depression and dementia.It’s not just about your hearing; it’s your quality of life. At Creekside Hearing Aid Services, we’ve been helping more than 5,000 families in Vacaville, Dixon, Fairfield, and surrounding areas in California with their hearing needs since 1998. These families trust our staff to provide high-quality hearing tests, personalized fittings of hearing instruments, and many other hearing health services.That’s why we encourage you, your friends and family to stay educated and pay attention to hearing wellness. Having your hearing checked regularly is very important to your overall health.Our skilled team of hearing instrument specialists wants to encourage you to schedule an appointment if you start to notice any signs of hearing loss.Some common signs of hearing loss include:Asking people to repeat themselves.Turning an ear in the direction of sound.Looking directly at the person to understand the conversation and watching their facial expression and lip movements.Unable to hear parts of a conversation in a group setting.Suffering from pain or continuous ringing in the ears (tinnitus).Listening to the TV or radio at a higher volume than others normally do.Outside of the health-related impact that hearing loss can have, it also has the potential to impact you in the following ways:Increased irritability and angerCreate unnecessary tension, stress and depressionCauses withdrawal from social situationsCreates reduced awareness and increased risk to personal safetyNegatively impacts job performance and earning potentialIf you or someone you know has been showing signs of untreated hearing loss, contact our office at 707-317-1891 to schedule an appointment, and see for yourself how we deliver the most trusted hearing health care in Solano County.