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Did you know that one in six children are cyber bullied? More girls than boys are cyber bullied on the daily. Spending more time online will give you a higher percent chance of being cyber bullied. Cyber bullying is one of the main occurrences that have children commit suicide. People online notice others being bullied but don’t say anything or try to help. Cyber bullying can lead to suicide and depression.     Cyber bullying is a occurrence in which teens twelve to eighteen end up either deceased or depressed. Since social media is most common in which teens use, it is highly believed that teens are cyberbullied. Over the course of years, students have been pulled out of schools because of this bullying and the sudden deaths of others. It is recommended that schools investigate cyber bullying outside of schools. According to source b, schools aren’t allowed to monitor or check the students social media accounts, but have to in order to check for cyberbullying reports. Schools are required to help students who are depressed because of cyberbullying.     Cyberbullying leads to depression and suicide which are most common in teens. According to source a, cyberbullying in your teen years can double depression in your adult years. Cyber bullying and depression go hand-in-hand according to sources. Some teens who are already depressed are targets for cyberbullying. Records show that there is a link between suicides and cyberbullying. Students tested the links of suicide and cyberbullying and found a connection between the two. Teens twelve to eighteen suffer depression from cyber bullying, and students who are depressed due to cyberbullying go through it in silence.     Statistics show the effects and outcomes of cyberbullying. According to source c, Eighty-eight percent of children have once hurt someone online. Thirty-three percent of teens have been cyber bullied meanwhile only seven percent of parents worry about their child and their whereabouts on the internet. While thirteen percent of teens have felt nervous about going to school the next day because of occurrences online. Daily, there are more girls cyber bullied than boys. One in six pairs of parents, some know that their child have been cyber bullied.     Opposing sides say students parents should monitor what their child does online. I say this is important because the parent could block the child from doing most things. But this also might not help because the child might disobey the parent. They might not give up their password for online websites. Children can repeatedly make accounts after their parents delete theirs. Children can log on whenever and wherever they want to. According to source b, students aren’t allowed to have Facebook accounts, because they are under the age limit of thirteen to have one. Students will disobey if told not to do something with consequences.Schools and lawmakers should do more to protect children from cyber bullying. Cyber bullying can lead to depression and suicide of most teens. Cyber bullying can lead to depression. One in six children are cyber bullied and there is always someone watching, that could help but chooses not to. Schools and parents should monitor and worry more about students and cyber bullying. Schools and lawmakers should do more to protect children from cyber bullying because it can lead to teen depression and suicide.