Did Bubblegum was originally invented accidentally by Walter Diemer,

Did you know that bubblegum was invented accidentally?  Before bubblegum, the options for chewing gum were limited.  No one was able to experience the feeling of satisfaction when blowing and popping a big bubble!  Walter Diemer’s popular invention of bubblegum brought joy to many people, including adults and children today.How Bubblegum was InventedThe invention of bubblegum took many years.  Fleer Chewing Gum Company had been producing chewing gum since 1885, but decided they wanted to start producing something different.  First, the company created a recipe for “Blibber Blubber,” which meant to be a bubblegum but was too sticky.  Several years later, Walter Diemer, an employee at Fleer, was testing recipes for gum base (the part of gum that makes it chewy) in his spare time and accidentally created a base that made bubblegum.  In a 1996 interview, he explained to the Lancaster Intelligence Journal that it was an accident; “I was doing something else and ended up with something with bubbles.” (Chicago Tribune)The Inventor: Walter Diemer Walter Diemer, the inventor of bubblegum, was actually an accountant at Fleer.  He only tested recipes for bubblegum in his spare time!  Diemer never received royalties from the sales of bubblegum, but he did receive appreciation in other ways.  His wife said that he received hundreds of letters from children praising his invention.  She quotes him, saying “I’ve done something with my life.  I’ve made kids happy around the world.” (Chicago Tribune)The Impact of Bubblegum Bubblegum became extremely popular, starting when Diemer took a 5 pound batch of it to a grocery story and sold it in one afternoon.  It made people, especially children, happy.  It continued to become even more popular as Walter Diemer taught salesmen how to blow bubbles with it.  There is even a holiday to celebrate bubblegum on September 30!The invention of bubblegum in (year) changed the world in its own small way.   Bubblegum was originally invented accidentally by Walter Diemer, who then went on to teach salesmen how to sell the new, popular product.  Next time you pop a piece of bubblegum in your mouth, remember to thank Walter Diemer for this great discovery.