Dictatorship, and to save their lives and it may

Dictatorship, the ugliest use of despotic power by the dictator to fuel his totalitarian regime. The governance by one over all isn’t a system which is fruitful or efficient in the long run as it fails to represent the demands as well as opinions of different individuals as even the most homogeneous societies have conflicting opinions on various matters. Sometimes this dictatorships can be run by such dogmatic rulers that people are suppressed and forced into accepting the rulers way and in such a situations the question arises should dictators be assassinated? The answer to that is yes as •if the dictator who runs an oppressive and questionable rule and endangers the lives of his citizens refuses to represent himself in front of an international court such as the international criminal court then the assassination is a justifiable method to topple his despotic rule •though assassination of dictators in peacetime is in form of justice which is debatable we have to take in account that rationality of doing so as the murder of an illegitimate ruler is justified to stop his tyranny over the masses and to save their lives and it may be the only way to effect change in a government where oppressive rule prevents possibility of internal opposition •in support of the utilitarian argument as Dietrich Bonhoeffer said “I can’t simply watch a madman drive a car into a group of innocent bystanders and then comfort the wounded and bury the dead, I must wrestle the steering wheel out of his hands.” It should be reasonable to say that the death of one tyrant is justified to save the lives of the people over whom he extends his tyranny •any alternatives to assassination in order to remove the the dictator would leave him in power for many years before change happens and in this time the events could escalate and even result in a greater abuse of his power •despotic power is visible wherever it takes place and forms the nature of most dictatorships, but if the regime has means of holding rulers in account of violating human rights and acts of genocide and an institution to pass punishment then there is no need of assassination but if not( which is the case of dictatorships) then assassination of the dictator who can’t be held accountable is justified In conclusion, assassination of dictators is justified as their regimes have no means to expiate for wrong policies, hold leaders accountable for violating basic human rights, allow room for differing opinions to participate and where there is a repressive and despotic rule.