DIABETES life. Recently I saw a girl who was


Today, we are gonna talk about a very important issue through which people are suffering. I have seen many people around me who were being caught by this disease. Diabetes usually attacks the people who are aged and are above 40 but nowadays people are prone to this disease in the early stages of their life. Recently I saw a girl who was just 15 year and had diabetes eventually children are becoming victim of this disease. This disturbs me a lot and I am sure a lot of you as well. We should remember always to take precautions and avoid certain things which could initiate the possibility of this disease.

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Diabetes risk factors

Diabetes is known as a chronic disease that usually occurs due to several reasons such as if the body is unable to use blood sugar (glucose) properly. The exact cause of this malfunction is not known however, some genetic and environmental conditions play a vital role. Diabetes includes several risk factors including high levels of cholesterol and obesity.

Following are some of the major risk factor which could initiate diabetes:


2-Genes and Family history



5-Poor Diet

6-Hormonal Conditions


Lack of insulin production

Due to lack of Insulin production in the body, it can primarily cause of type 1 diabetes. When insulin-producing cells are destroyed or damaged then eventually insulin stops producing. Insulin is an essential part of the body as it is needed to move blood sugar into the cells throughout the body. This insulin deficiency can lead to too much sugar in the blood and eventually lead to diabetes. GENES AND FAMILY HISTORY

Genetics plays an important role in order to determine how likely you are to develop some kind of diabetes. According to American Diabetes Association, the statistics suggest that if your parent or sibling has diabetes there are chances that it could develop inside your body too.

There are certain genetic conditions such as cystic fibrosis and hemochromatosis both can damage pancreas which eventually leads to a higher likelihood of developing diabetes.



According to doctor the risk of developing type 2 diabetes escalates as your age. The risk definitely goes up as your age increases especially after 45 which is in particular. However, the risk of diabetes is also increasing in children and young adults. The other factors of diabetes which initiate due to age include decreased muscle mass, reduced exercise, and weight gain as you age. If talking about type 1 diabetes it usually occurs at the age of 30.


Obesity is another factor which initiates diabetes due to excess body fat. Inflammation can be caused due to fatty tissues which can lead to insulin resistance and eventually diabetes. There are certain overweight people who never develop diabetes.


Diet is an important aspect of health if you intake healthy diet you will live a healthy life. Certainly, your diet plays an important role in diabetes furthermore, poor nutrition or high-calorie diet, cholesterol, and fat increase resistance to insulin.


There are certain hormonal conditions which can lead to diabetes but are rear. The hormonal conditions which can lead to insulin resistance include, Cushing’s Syndrome, Acromegaly, and Hyperthyroidism.