Despite leader and also follows God and some question

  Despite being Christian , the Kingstons believe that they are direct descendants of Jesus and a wife who came to create a group of superior people.  They are also taught about a prophecy that states that a time will come when black people will rise up to destroy white people only to be stopped by Native American people.  They believe that it is their responsibility to create a master race which is their reason for polygamy, they keep their marriages within the original four families that Charles W. Kingston brought to Bountiful, Utah in 1935.  Another odd ritual is the numbered men.  Every year the clan gathers to receive the highest honour of being numbered.  According to the prophet, only one hundred and forty four thousand numbered men will be allowed to rule heaven under God.  Members of the clan are not  told who their real father is until they are old enough to understand that they must protect the Order by keeping their identity away from the public.   On Sunday, when it is time to attend church, sometimes the prophet will speak about normal things any Christian would hear at church while most of the time he speaks about the history of the Order and the great men they come from such as their founder, Elden Kingston who also taught his followers bizarre things such as tree being the entrance to Heaven and that herbal medicine would keep them alive forever.   To outsiders all of this may seem odd but it is very possible that the Catholic church is seen in the same way.  The Catholic church has a pope as a leader and also follows God and some question why we need a leader besides God and why we pray to saints or Mary, many other Christian groups see this as strange and unusual too.  But, on the other hand the things the Kingstons are taught such as superiority and racism are values that are not tolerated by mainstream society, these ideas are outdated but still exist in the modern world.